Would it be wrong to say that Instagram is a social networking site that would be pretentious and fancy? Well, my answer will be yes to some extent but at the same time it is agreeable that Instagram caters a large virtual community to socialize, get awareness with the woke trends and opportune people to set up business goals. Catering to a larger audience, gram offers an immense amount of lifestyle hack with respect to fashion, food, and traveling. You can check the profile of Shams Talaat for the complete guidance. 

For gramming like a pro, let’s look at the basic guide.

How to sign up for Instagram:

Firstly, Download the Instagram app. After downloading, sign up. Upon opening the app, you’ll be asked to create a new account or login with your facebook account. Once you click on creating a new account, they’ll ask for email, phone number, username and password. On the other hand, by clicking on login with facebook will immediately log you in to your account.

Setup your profile:

 Then, set up your profile. Put a classy profile picture on. Write your bio so that your followers could know about your personality. Well, one might feel amused while reading the above mentioned fact because people nowadays hide their personality or depict a second face of them. Your profile is going to be a hub of your pictures and videos. You can add more crispy captions to your posts. By clicking Edit profile, you can make changings into your username, bio, profile picture and email. You can also chose the ones who can follow you. There are settings which are further fragmented into privacy, security etc. where you can choose who can send you follow and message requests. You can also make your account private so that not everyone could have access to your profile. You can also make a business account and add in the information regarding your products and services.

Customizing Notifications:

After clicking on the three lines icon on the write of the screen, tap settings and then tap notifications. You can adjust the settings as per your desire to receive the notifications accordingly. For example, if you want to get the notification for friend requests or if someone commented on your post; you can simply on it in the settings.

Menu Bar:

 At the top is the menu bar. Firstly, there’s home button from where you can have access to the photos and videos of your friends. You can post reels, search and explore different places.

Major Instagram features:

 The major features include Instagram story in which you can use animated stickers, polls, quizes etc. Moreover, Instagram live feature allows you to broadcast yourself live from your account to the other people whom you want.


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