All kinds of businesses trying to create strong relationships with their clients can be the core of business success. And for that, teams should understand every step that customer takes during the buying journey. Lifecycle marketing aims to guarantee that all necessary steps are taken, starting from the first purchase and turning them into loyal customers. This type of marketing is trying to provide its buyer’s customers’ lifetime value.

4 phases of customer lifecycle marketing

Customer lifecycle guarantees that your marketing strategies are tailored to your customer’s journey, so your efforts won’t go in vain. Here we will go through the most essential stages of customer marketing.

  • Awareness and engagement

The first stage of lifecycle marketing is when customers need a certain problem to solve and look for solutions. Here they first hear about your company from other people or other resources. Mainly social media channels are the first place when customers start connecting with brands. After that, they can visit websites too to explore your products like a healthcare chatbot, to decide whether to buy it or not. 

This is the engagement process when you start to follow your company page on different channels or sign a newsletter to hear updates about your new products.

  • Evaluation and purchase

People want to explore and examine more to get more detailed information about you. They read other customers’ feedback and decide whether continue the journey with your or choose your competitor. Be transparent, giving all the information they need.

And after reading positive feedback, they finally decided to buy. During the purchasing process, customers want to hear quick answers to their questions. Use various tools that can be helpful for this process. Remember, if you don’t respond to customers quickly, they may stop working with your company. Find enthusiastic people who looking for jobs working in the Netherlands and can join your customer support team. 

  • Support experience

One vital part is keeping relationships with your clients on a high level is providing them with support. For customers, excellent customer support is more important than the quality of the product. You should try to create a relationship where your care for your customer’s needs and not just try to sell it.

Without an appropriate CRM software strategy, your client details will certainly be all over the place, and it’ll be tough to keep an eye on all the touch factors and interactions you’ve had with particular customers. This causes an extracted sales cycle, with a generic and sub-par client experience.

In this stage, you should give them 24/7 support and offer discounts and special deals. Customers love it when companies make them feel special.

  • Loyalty

It’s the most crucial stage where your should bond with customers and build loyalty. In this stage, customers become brand advocates and promote your products on social media channels or other platforms. They feel a special connection with your brand and can stick with you for long years. 

And they will prefer your company even if new brands are established in the market. And they will continue to buy your new products unless you give them a poor customer experience.

Final thoughts

Customer lifecycle marketing can be profitable for many reasons. It can help you increase the number of loyal customers and create successful marketing campaigns. Basically, it may be the core of your business growth. And therefore, It’s important to know all stages of customer lifecycle marketing. First, when a customer needs a solution and first time hears about your company from friends or social media channels. Later he continues to follow your company pages on the different platforms. Next, they read feedback and finally decide to buy. Don’t forget to offer them a great customer experience and eventually make them your loyal customers.


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