Whether you are a college student looking to attend a renowned institution in the country or are a parent looking to educate your child, an institute such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay can provide you with a variety of benefits. From scholarship opportunities to research activities, you’ll find that the institute has many benefits to offer.

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo, an annual cultural festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, is one of the largest college cultural festivals in Asia. Held on the IIT Bombay campus in Powai, it attracts thousands of students each year. It has featured some of the most renowned Indian and international performers and has been the host to eminent personalities.

The festival is a four-day event held between December 27 and 30, and attracts a massive footfall. It is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents in front of top-notch judges and a large audience. It also offers college students the chance to earn valuable experiences through free workshops and courses.

The festival also hosts various competitions in all fields of art and culture. Students can win scholarships, internships and merchandise. There are Mood Indigo competitions for students of all grades and levels.

Students from the colleges across the country can also participate in the Mood Indigo Program, which includes year-long activities. Students can also win internships, digital marketing certifications and more.

Placement cell

During the 2020-21 placement season, the IIT Bombay placement cell secured over 1723 offers from over 300 companies. The average salary package of an IIT Bombay student stands at 11 lakhs per annum. This year’s placement season was a success, with the number of students placed reaching its highest level in the history of the institute.

The placement cell, which is also known as the IDC IIT Bombay, handles all placement activities of the Institute. The cell organises seminars, workshops, industrial visits, and personality development programs. The cell also provides support for the interview process.

The IIT Bombay placement cell is well equipped to handle the demands of the placement season. The cell is also open to suggestions and feedback from students.

The 2022 placement season is a success, with over nine hundred students getting placed. The placement season started on December 1, 2021, and ended on December 18, 2021. Recruiters from around the world participated in the drive. Some of the international offers came from China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.


Almost half of all the undergraduate students of IIT Bombay are from economically disadvantaged background. Hence, there is a great need of student scholarships. In order to help deserving students, IIT Bombay provides scholarships and fellowships. These scholarships are awarded according to certain criteria and the applicant can check out the details before applying for them.

The OPJEMS Scholarship is awarded to the top 12 students of each batch at IIT Bombay. This scholarship is worth INR 65,000 per year. The scholarship is granted on the basis of an online test followed by a personal interview. Moreover, the scholarship covers a monthly pocket allowance of INR 250.

The Institute Merit-cum-means Scholarship is based on the economic and academic background of the candidate. This scholarship is granted on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. The student’s academic performance from the previous academic year is also taken into consideration. However, this scholarship is not available to students from schools with high tuition fees.

Research activity

Founded in 1958, IIT Bombay is a leading research institution in India. Its faculty engage in research activities that contribute to basic and applied research in a variety of fields. These include physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, and applied sciences. The institute has developed a variety of research projects that address national needs, as well as those of a global nature.

Several partnerships have been developed with institutions in around two dozen countries. In addition to its strong research activity, IIT Bombay is also a leading center for academic excellence. The institute offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. The institute also awards degrees to more than 1,000 students annually.

IIT Bombay is driven by a group of outstanding faculty. The faculty is funded by several national agencies. The faculty supports research and the general administration of the institute. The faculty also runs the Students Gymkhana, an activity center that promotes cultural activities. The Institute has also made a concerted effort to foster technological self-reliance.


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