If you’re interested in a qualification in computer science, then programming languages are a big part of the curriculum. You might have a specific career goal in mind already, but there are lots of uses for the skills you will learn and build on. So, even if you’re certain now about the career you want, you will have more options throughout your career.

Creating apps

Apps are popular with consumers, so many businesses are using them to promote their products and services. Mobile apps allow consumers to access these while away from home, which is convenient. Some apps are designed to help businesses function more efficiently with advanced calculations to avoid errors during their everyday tasks.

Programming languages are used to design these, specifically C and Java, which are adaptable to all devices. With people accessing apps from MacBooks, phones, tablets, and various other devices, this is crucial.

An online masters in data science, such as the program offered by Baylor University Online, will provide the opportunity to build on your pre-existing knowledge of programming languages, and to learn vital skills for careers in data science. You can graduate in just over 1.5 years, so you won’t miss the increasing demand for people with these skills. In smaller businesses, roles are often more varied, and it can be helpful to have both data science and programming skills, which can overlap.


C can also be used for designing animations. The different shapes, fonts, and colors help to create moving images and make them look flawless when created by someone with the ability to use this programming language. It can be difficult to learn for some people, and a simple animation of just a few seconds can take a lot of programming. However, you probably see these kinds of animations every day on the websites you visit, but most people never give much thought to how they were created. If you have a technical mind and are fascinated by how things work behind the scenes, you may find it easier to learn this skill.

The ability to use a programming language to create animations is valuable to many businesses who want to create visual effects on their website, for example, to demonstrate the science behind a product.

Video games

Video games, like apps, are also popular. Even people who don’t call themselves gamers will have played a video game or a mobile game at least once in their lives. So, being able to use Java, C++, Python, and Lua, among other programming languages, means your skills will often be in demand.

The benefits of C++ include its compatibility with other programming languages and its fast conversion rate, which prevents server overload. The franchises behind some of the most popular video games wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are today without the programming behind them. Gamers, and those who only play occasionally, appreciate the graphics, sounds, storylines, and quality of these games. These are always being improved upon, which means more work is available for experts in using programming languages.

AI and machine learning

A data science degree teaches a lot of useful skills for a relevant career, including AI and machine learning. Knowing how to make use of these is essential in many data science careers. However, with sufficient knowledge of programming languages such as Python, you could also program the system to aid in its self-learning. R can also be used to do this but is considered slower than Python. The great thing about most programming languages is that they can have multiple uses, making it easier to perform different functions with them once you’ve learned how to use one.

Helping businesses grow

Business software also relies on programming languages. Not just for apps, Python, SQL, and Java can be used for developing SaaS products. These are increasing in popularity, with the most successful products helping businesses to build a reputation for themselves. The design and ease of use depend on the programming. In these applications, it’s crucial to use a reliable programming language and have someone who is equipped to use it efficiently.

Another essential in business is keeping information secure. This could be customer and client information, personal or financial, and other confidential information about the business or its customers. PHP and SQL are used for managing these databases. The information in them can also be used by businesses for analysis, which helps support growth and improvement.

Website development

PHP is used in website development. It’s great for programming features such as forms, email, live chatbots, banners promoting the latest products or other new features, and the ability to search the site easily. These are all functions people take for granted when browsing a site and looking for something specific. However, if absent, people tend to notice something missing and compare it to other websites. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to get all these things right. One mistake during programming can cause major problems on a website and prompt customers to go to a competitor instead.

If you’re proficient in using PHP or other programming languages in website development, your skills will always be in demand. It makes sense for business owners to pay someone with these skills, rather than risk trying to do the job themselves and making a costly mistake.

Programming languages are a big part of data science, but they can also be used in other roles. So, if you graduate with a masters degree in data science, you will have lots of choices, ranging from data roles to programming, or careers that combine the two.


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