Live Scan is a way to find out someone’s fingerprints by using a digital scanner. It is used by the police and other government agencies, as well as by businesses and organizations in the private sector. 

A computer terminal with a scanner attached to it is the main part of a live scan fingerprint system. To get fingerprints, you have to put your fingers on the scanner while it scans them and sends the information electronically to the agency or organization that wants them. 

What is a Live Scan Fingerprint? 

A live scan fingerprint is a digital copy of your fingerprint. It can be used to check someone’s background, find a job, or get a license. The FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) also use live scans in some cases. Live scans are more accurate than traditional ink-and-roll prints because they don’t smudge or fade over time like ink prints do. 

Live scan fingerprints are linked to an electronic record that has personal information like height and weight. You don’t have access to this information unless you need it for employment or a license application, which will require other documents to prove your identity before you can see your personal data. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Live Scan Service? 

  1. Secure: Live scan fingerprinting Service is highly secure and provides an accurate, reliable way to authenticate identities, and does background checks. If you are an employer then you should know what does a background check show and how it can help your business. The process is also not intrusive, so there is no chance of private information getting out. 
  2. Cost-effective: Live Scan Service is a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations looking to conduct background checks. It gets rid of the need for physical cards with ink on them and the costs of processing and storing them. 
  3. Accurate: Live Scan Service uses advanced digital imaging technology to take and process fingerprints in a way that is accurate. This makes sure that the data collected is correct and up to date. 
  4. Fast: Live Scan Service is extremely fast, with the entire process taking only a few minutes. This makes it a great choice for businesses and groups that need to run background checks quickly. 
  5. Convenient: Live Scan Service is extremely convenient, as the process can be performed remotely. This means that you don’t have to be there in person to do the background check. 

Who Uses Live Scans? 

  1. i) Police departments 
  2. ii) State and federal agencies 

iii) Employers 

  1. iv) Schools and universities (as part of the admission process or for student athletes) 
  2. v) Background check companies 
  3. vi) Banks (so they can decide if you can open an account with them). 

What’s the Difference Between Live Scan and Ink-Based Fingerprinting? 

Fingerprinting is done by an ink pad, and then the fingerprint is rolled onto a card. Live Scan is done digitally and electronically; the fingerprints are sent to the FBI for processing. 

Live scan fingerprinting is faster than traditional fingerprinting because you only have to run your finger over a scanner once instead of twice over an ink pad with an FBI card. 

Live scans are safer than fingerprints made with ink because they can be sent online or in person. They are also more accurate than fingerprints made with ink. 

How Do I Find a Live Scan Service Near Me? 

Online: On their websites, many states have a list of companies that offer live scan services. You can also look for providers by city, county, or zip code. 

Employers and schools: If you work for or want to work for a company that does background checks, they may have an online list of live scan services in your area. Most of the time, this is the fastest way to get started. 

Government agencies: Federal, state, and local governments often have lists of providers and information about how much each service costs and what documents you need to bring to your appointment. 

Local law enforcement: Many police departments offer fingerprinting services both in person and online, so if this option interests you, ask around! 

Local businesses: Some businesses do their own fingerprinting, but if they don’t, ask around. Many small businesses, like ours, have mobile units that go out every day. 

Local hospitals: Hospitals may also provide free Live Scan services. 


Live scan services are important for anyone who needs to send personal information, like fingerprints or other biometric information, electronically. Users can send their information to these services in a safe and secure way, which speeds up the processing time. 

Also, live scan technologies give users full control over their transactions and the option to check their data’s biometric authentication at any time. People can save time, money, and stress by using live scan services, which also make sure that everything is correct and safe.


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