There are four types of barricades that can be a part of your event.

If you are organizing an event, you will need some things to make it the best event ever, independently of the type. You will need a great security team and instruments to guarantee that the public will always be safe. In that way, you can avoid problems for you and your feast.

One of the tools that are indispensable for this kind of thing are the event barricades. They are the difference between chaos and order when we are talking about events with a big public. And, as we know, big public means long lines. That’s why it is important to know what kinds of barricades that exist and how you can use them in your event.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to have a barricade in your event — and have your public safe too.

What is the purpose of the barricades?

The main purpose of a barricade is to act as a safety instrument for the public. They will help them to organize when events have lots of people, organizing the lines to wait to enter the event, for example, and even to delimit the space for the public.

But they also have other uses. In construction, for example, they act as warning devices to alert the hazard of construction activities and to control the traffic that happens near them.

Barricades can be used for what kinds of events?

Barricades are useful for every kind of event. They are most often seen in events with a big public, such as shows, festivals and rallies. But, they are suitable for small events that want to guarantee their public safety.

It is important to plan the design of the barricades even before the event, so you can have the barricades in the most important spaces.

What are the categories of barricades?

There are different types of barricades that can be used for different events. The main types are:

Concert barricades

Concert barricades are specially created to be used in shows and music festivals. They can hold the public, delimiting the space and the contact with the stage, while also allowing the feed cables and other equipment used by the artist’s crew to pass through it — without hurting anyone in the process with electrical shocks or damage the equipment of the artist.

Steel barricades

Steel barricades are useful for establishing event perimeters, controlling the crowds and organizing lines, guaranteeing safety for the public in a cost-effective way. You can usually see them in sports events such as races, to separate the public from the runners, rallies and in music events, to organize lines in the bathroom or eating space.

Barricade swing gates

This is a good option for those who need to form a long line with reinforcement in their events. Barricade swing gates are a type of barricade where the metal barricades interlock to form a long barricade, allowing space for groups of people in small groups, small vehicles or machinery to pass through a barricaded area. They look like steel barricades, but the main difference is that they are longer than that.

Plastic barricades

Plastic barricades are a practical and great tool for last-minute crowd control: made of lightweight material, they are easy to move around, take down and assemble. They also can be made in a variety of colors, which is useful when you need a more flashy color to indicate a place or just to match with the colors of your event. And, if you need them heavier, you can fill them with sand or water without any more problem.

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