HealthTap is a network of over 90,000 Online doctor across 147 specialties. They are committed to helping people get better and stay healthy, no matter where they are in the world.

HealthTap offers a wide range of services, including symptom checks, consultations and prescriptions. Its virtual care movement is changing the way we get medical attention and manage our health.

Symptom Checker

HealthTap is one of the leading doctor appointment booking apps with the largest network of certified physicians on board. It allows you to consult a doctor from anywhere in the world, and it offers 24/7 support.

The Symptom Checker feature in HealthTap is free to use and helps you determine if you need to see a doctor or not. It uses an AI-powered symptom checker that provides intelligent explanations of possible causes and next best steps for care.

It also offers a smart search in the app’s library of questions asked by doctors and patient-asked questions that can help you quickly get answers to your most pressing health concerns.

Founder Ron Gutman started HealthTap to address the problem of low patient engagement with medical regimes. He said that over 50 percent of people on such regimens fail to stick to them, and he believed that telehealth could help boost patient engagement.


Using their app, members of HealthTap can immediately connect with a physician via video conference or text chat to discuss their health and symptoms. They can also receive advice on medication and referrals to specialists.

For those seeking more personalized care, the company offers a subscription plan called Prime that allows for one-on-one consultations with a doctor. The cost of these consultations is $30 each, but they may be covered by insurance.

The company says the telemedicine technology that powers its service, called HOPES, is designed to create a fully personalized experience. That means users can be linked to live video and audio consultations with doctors and language interpreters in a secure environment.


If you have an ongoing health problem, or are experiencing symptoms that require medication, doctors on the HealthTap platform can provide you with recommendations and prescribe medications. They can also make referrals to specialists in your area if necessary.

HealthTap is a service that aims to make healthcare accessible and affordable. It offers 24/7 access to a network of U.S. licensed physicians, and it has a huge library of questions answered by doctors that’s free to use.

Its paid subscription option, Prime, allows members to receive consultations with doctors by video conference or phone call. It also gives them access to the question submission service and a library of answers that’s compiled from thousands of doctors around the world.

Doctors who sign up to be “experts” on HealthTap voluntarily share their knowledge and expertise with the platform, helping it build a rich library of trusted information. They also fill out a profile about themselves and their patients, which helps HealthTap personalize its services to each individual.


HealthTap provides a wide range of referrals to doctors throughout the United States. These services are available to both members with and without insurance.

Doctors on HealthTap can help with a variety of health conditions, including colds, flu, allergies, headaches and more. They also can refer to specialists in your area if necessary.

Members can request a virtual consultation with a physician through the HealthTap website or mobile app. The service is affordable and convenient. You can either pay a flat fee for each visit or subscribe to the Prime plan, which includes unlimited visits at a discounted rate.


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