In trading, the price of Binance Coin has increased 620,000% since it was launched in 2017. In 2017, the token reached an all-time high of $690. This massive increase in price is the result of market forces. Because this cryptocurrency is not traded on a central exchange, the price fluctuates, based on the trading activity of individual top crypto exchanges. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the value of Binance Coin does not directly correlate with its price in trading.

Unique Features Of The Binance Coin

Binance Coin is used to pay for exchange fees on Binance. Binance uses the profit from the token sales to purchase more BNB. This means that as long as the cryptocurrency market is bullish, the price of Binance Coin may rise even more. For this reason, investors should monitor fundamentals, news, and market sentiment before investing in the currency. Some experts believe that the price of binance coin will continue to rise.

One feature of the Binance Coin that makes it so popular is its unique coin burn process. When the Binance exchange burns coins, the supply deflates. The artificial scarcity increases the value of BNB. In this way, it’s similar to a dividend giving process. Knowing the coin burn date can help traders sell their coins before the market dwindles.

Binance Review – Is It Worth The Money?

There are many positive things about Binance, such as its low fees, responsive exchange, and developer track record. Overall, the company has experienced huge success in its short time of operation. But what makes it so appealing to traders? Read on to find out. Is it worth the money? Find out below. Also, read our Binance review for trading tips. We look forward to hearing your comments in the comments section.

You may have already heard of Binance, but what’s its reputation like? The company has been regulated, has many regulatory concerns, and has been known to be difficult to navigate. If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you may be apprehensive about signing up and trading on the platform. While these problems have been addressed, we can’t say we trust the company completely.

All About Binance 

First and foremost, Binance charges a small fee to trade. The base rate for the platform is only 0.1 percent, and there are various ways to reduce the fee even further. The simplest way to get a discount on fees is to pay with the BNB token. Those who have BNB in their accounts are eligible to receive a 25% discount on fees. Further discounts can be obtained if you own a certain number of BNB coins.

Aside from trading in cryptocurrencies, binance review offers a variety of trading features. Users can access hundreds of crypto assets. They can choose from options, futures, and several order types. Furthermore, users can also benefit from the NFT platform and marketplace, which are exclusive to Binance.


Binance looks promising and stable. The company has been on top for some time, but is finally gaining steam. Even if you’re not an expert, you can still benefit from the low fees and powerful tools of Binance. However, it’s not without its disadvantages. In addition, some customers have complained about the inability to speak to a live representative or withdraw funds.


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