Are you thinking of completing your towel set but aren’t sure what types of towels your set is missing? With the proper guidance, you can easily identify the types of towels that make up a full set. Below is a list of bathroom towel sets you’ll need to make a complete towel set:

1.    Wash Towel

These are the towels you use to bathe and scrub yourself in the shower. Wash towels are small in size and are normally soft on the skin. The towels are easily used with soap. You should have enough towels for guests and all family members.

Wash towels are small in size compared to most towels. You should consider the material the towels are made of so that the towel easily loosens up dirt to properly serve its purpose.

2.    Bath Towel

Besides having the wash towel, you will want to have a bath towel. Bath towels come in handy after baths or showers to dry yourself with. Bath towels are larger compared to wash towels and are mainly found in the bathroom.

For bath towels, remember to consider the material used to make the towel. The material used in the towel should be water absorbent and should easily dry as that is the towel’s purpose. You should verify that you dry your bath towel after every use to keep it fresh and in good condition.

3.    Hand Towel

If you enjoy having guests over several times a week, then you should have hand towels around. Hand towels are used to dry hands after washing them. Hand towels are mainly found in a couple of places from the kitchen to the bathroom and over sinks. These towels are mainly placed on rings to help them dry off after use.

The material used in the hand tower, like the bath towel, should be water absorbent to easily dry off people’s hands. Hand towels are not very large, and are usually slightly larger than wash towels.

4.    Kitchen Towel

A kitchen towel can be a very useful tool in the kitchen. To help keep your kitchen in good condition, you’ll need a kitchen towel to dry off dishes and, in some cases, to dry off splashes of water from the dishes.

Kitchen towels can be used to decorate the kitchen. Kitchen towels, unlike most towels, are made of tough material. These towels vary in size and offer a wide variety of choices. Kitchen towels often serve as multipurpose towels.

5.    Fingertip Towel

Fingertip towels are small in size but a bit larger than wash towels. They are used to dry your hands and fingertips after you wash your hands. Fingertip towels are known to come in handy if you plan on having company.

Fingertip towels can be used as decorative towels. You should consider the material of your fingertip towels since they are mainly used to dry off hands and fingertips. Like most towels, its material should have the ability to dry off hands at ease.

6. Foot Towel

Just as the name suggests, foot towels are used to dry your feet after you leave a bathtub or shower. Foot towels have the shape and dimensions of a rectangle. These foot towels come in handy to prevent accidents from occurring by drying your feet to help you avoid sliding on slippery floors.

Foot towels have two sides that are different structures. The top side is soft and made of material that is absorbent of water to help dry your wet feet. The bottom side on the other hand is made of non-slippery material to prevent the towel from sliding while using and eventually leading to an accident. Foot towels are normally placed outside showers to dry feet.

7. Paper Towel

If you’re thinking of buying a complete towel set wholesale, you may want to stack up on paper towels. Paper towels are mainly used to dry off hands and surfaces. In some cases, paper towels are used to clean off surfaces.

Paper towels, unlike any other type of towels, are nonreusable since they are made of paper. The paper towels are designed to be used once and disposed of properly. Paper towels are useful in most households. Though this towel isn’t typically included in an official towel set, it can prevent your other towels from getting stained or damaged by extreme spills.

Get Complete Bathroom Towel Sets Wholesale

These are the various types of towels you’ll need for a complete set of household towels. You may need to buy different types of sets depending on your household needs. Buying bathroom towel sets wholesale can be a great way to save money and get good quality materials. Contact a wholesaler today for your household towel needs.


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