Finding a mug shot of someone you know can feel daunting. Even though mug shots are public record, seeing someone you recognize can cause some confusion. If you come across a mug shot of someone you know, there are a few things you can do to figure out what happened.

Check if the mugshot was published elsewhere.

Since a mugshot is public record, you should be able to see if the mug shot has been published elsewhere online. The best way to search for a mugshot is to search for the person’s name on the internet and view the search results. You can also search for a criminal record, which may lead you to a mugshot.

Utilize a website like GoLookUp, a free mugshot search engine, that searches different jurisdictions for recent arrests. The free service GoLookUp allows you to find the information you need. Performing a free mugshot search by entering a first name and last name, can help you find a criminal record, get free background checks, view criminal charges, view mugshots of people, and much more.

If you find a mugshot, police report, or an arrest record, you can provide this information to the person who was arrested. If the mugshot has not been published, you should contact the police or a law enforcement agency to further inquire about the mugshot.

Reach out to mutual friends.


Once you’ve found the mug shot, and are still unsure about the arrest information, contact any mutual friends who may know what happened. It’s possible that the person in the mug shot may have an arrest history, but is not currently an arrested person or inhibited because of their prior criminal record. If you’re unable to find any mutual friends, you can try searching for the person’s name on social media or through another public information website for relevant arrest history records and criminal records.

If you find the mugshot online, try to determine why they were arrested. It could be something as simple as a traffic violation, or something more serious like assaults or violent crimes.

If you cannot find the mug shot on the internet, you can contact the police department or sheriff’s office where the mug shot was taken. A law enforcement agency may be able to tell you where the mug shot was taken by looking up a criminal record and arrest mugshots.

Consult a lawyer.


Consulting a lawyer about the mug shot can help if you are unable to determine the arrest information. A lawyer can help you understand the legal ramifications of the arrest record and whether you should take any further action upon viewing the criminal record. Such information from the lawyer may inspire you to remove the mugshot from the internet.

In order to remove the mugshot from the internet, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in internet law. They can help you navigate the complicated process of removing a mugshot from the internet and ensure that your rights are protected.

Another option is to contact the company that created the mug shot. Many of these companies will remove the image for a fee. However, you’ll need to be sure that the company is reputable and will actually remove the image from their website.

Remove the mugshot yourself.

If you find a mugshot of a loved one, you may wish to have it removed. One way to remove a mugshot from the internet is to file a takedown notice with the website hosting the mugshot. This can be a time-consuming and difficult process. You’ll need to track down the website’s contact information and prove that the mugshot is not in the public domain. Additionally, the website may not be willing to remove the image, even if you provide the proper documentation.


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