One of the biggest concerns of both individuals and companies is to browse the Internet in a safe environment that guarantees privacy. A security measure that can be taken when browsing the Internet is to use a proxy that allows this access not to be direct, but through an intermediate device, pirate bay proxy which increases security.

Proxy and VPN are two terms that tend to get confused. Proxies are associated with browsing while VPN networks are more complex. In this article we will see what a proxy is, what advantages it offers and how it is used.

What is a proxy and how does it affect security?

It is an intermediate device or computer that allows you to connect to the Internet indirectly, since it is this computer that connects directly to the Internet. Also known as web cache, it is a computer that is within a network, from which it receives Internet access requests (HTTP).

When using a proxy server, the information first passes through this server, which sends it to the destination computer, avoiding communication between the destination computer and the Internet directly (or between the destination computer and another computer).

Security using a proxy

Many companies use a proxy server to output their users outside the network. With this measure they can control network traffic with the outside world and minimize the threats that this entails. But in addition to increasing security, a proxy allows the configuration time of the network equipment to decrease, since it is this server that really needs almost all the configuration.

The use of a the pirate bay offers privacy to network users when browsing the Internet, hiding their real IP address, by using the proxy IP

How does using a proxy affect my security?

In the case of setting up a proxy in your own network, you have to prepare a server with a domain and a specific configuration that allows the computers on the network to only access the outside world through it (in most cases we are talking about Internet access).

In the case of not wanting to mount a proxy, the option is to hire one or use a free one (the latter case is not recommended, except in very specific cases). To configure the proxy in Windows 10 you have to follow these simple steps:

Web browsers also include the ability to configure a proxy in their options. This is useful if you want, for example, to use Internet Explorer with a proxy and Chrome without it (for example for SEO web positioning actions).

What is my proxy

The fastest way to know my proxy (or to know if we are using one to navigate) is to go to the website pirate proxy, which will offer information about our internet connection and if we are using an intermediate connection.

How to disable a proxy

To deactivate a proxy in Windows 10, you have to follow the process described above in “how does a proxy server work”, but in the step of activating it, it will be deactivated.

In the event that the proxy has been configured in a web browser, you must go to its options and deactivate the connection through this type of server.

To make browsing the Internet more secure and guarantee privacy, the use of a proxy server is a good solution. Its activation is very simple and in just a few seconds you can go from browsing directly to doing it through an intermediate server.


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