If you have been searching for some good jewellery business ideas, then we have got you covered. The common misconception is that gem and jewellery businesses often need a lot of capital infusion with excessively delayed profits. Even the Indian government gives a lot of incentives to those in this industry. For instance, it has allowed 100% FDI through the automatic route in the jewellery business clearly showing the government’s interest in boosting this sector. Add to that the huge potential for profits and you have a recipe for the world’s best business opportunity.

So let’s look at some of the low investment businesses in the jewellery industry that you can start immediately:

1. Artificial Jewellery Making

You can start an artificial jewellery business from home with low investment. There are various types of artificial jewellery made with real pearls and semi-precious stones. Also, there are several materials such as plastic, metal and glass to make artificial pieces of jewellery.

To start this business from home, you need basic training and necessary equipment including ovens, tools and other materials. You can take orders for making customized pieces of jewellery for your clients by showcasing your portfolio or connecting through social media platforms.

2. Handmade Jewelry Making

Handmade jewellery is one of the most popular businesses in the world. This type of jewellery making is very labour intensive due to its complicated design and patterns. Handmade pieces of jewelry are made using different materials including silver, gold, copper and other precious metals along with beads and stones including semi-precious stones like topaz. This is one of the best gold business ideas with good ROI and hence may be an ideal choice for you. Visit this page for more info.

3. Jewellery Making with Beads & Stones

You should have some artistic ability to make jewellery pieces with beads and stones. This type of handicraft business can be started from home also. Additionally, you need to have some tools for this business like pliers, wire cutters measuring tape, etc. You can sell your products through an online store. There are multiple ways in which you can advertise your products and services without spending much money. Some of these ways include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc., blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress etc., email marketing, print advertising etc

4. Customized Wedding Jewellery Making

A wedding occasion is incomplete without jewellery ornamentation. So it is another most profitable jewellery business idea one can start with moderate capital investment. The market size of wedding jewellery is very large in India as well as in foreign countries like USA and UK etc.

Selling gold plated jewellery

Gold plating is very popular these days and is gaining momentum amongst Indian buyers. It is an affordable option to present gifts to loved ones on special occasions. you can start a manufacturing unit with very little investment and experience.

5. Gemstone Jewellery making

The gems and Jewellery Industry holds the second position in India concerning its domestic market size after agriculture. You can initiate this business on a sole proprietorship basis or partnership basis. This kind of business needs creative ideas and innovative designs along with immense marketing skills

6. Silver Jewellery Production

India has been known for its silver jewellery since ancient times. The silver jewellery making industry is one of the most traditional sub-segments of the Indian gems and jewellery industry. You can initiate this business as a small scale to medium-scale manufacturing unit

7. Ceramic Jewellery Making

Ceramic jewellery making requires very little investment and it’s an emerging field

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