Ghost Machine #1 is seeing release, and there’s a lot of high expectation that the comic book package will meet expectations for a strong new genre entry. Much of the built-up anticipation to the release is rooted in whom the writers and artists are in the first place. Unlike what has been well-known as the traditional industry model, artists working for companies that control the future of their titles, Ghost Machine is a project with a foundation built by its writers and graphic designers directly. Names like Brad Meltzer, Lamont Magee and Peter Tomasi to name a few are all on the team. Industry veterans like Geoff Johns and Maytal Zchut have prior experience they can draw on, moving the project exponentially ahead with the networks they’ve already built from previous years’ work.

Creator-Owned and Creator-Run

Representing what is a direct investment venture, the team behind Ghost Machine have every reason to see their shared project succeed. Unlike market managers worried more about demographics, sales figures by territory and tried-and-true story models, Ghost Machine’s team is instead working on the edge of the envelope pushing new ideas in topics, character diversity, story categories and the definition of what is really a “hero” now.

Going Beyond Stereotypical Hero Stories

Similar to DC’s Sandman, for example, Ghost Machine has the other human story targeted in its sights. The storytellers definitely want to see their characters evolve emotionally and with depth versus just another round of explosions, shooting, fist-fights and battles. Instead, they are struggling with in-depth challenges that aren’t solved with physical impacts or muscle. Because the project involves a commune-style approach to the storylines and artwork development, the refined product is showing itself to be complex and integrated versus dysfunctional.

A Passion Displayed

Each of the Ghost Machine teammembers easily applies their personal work into their aspect of the development. They want Ghost Machine to succeed, which ups the bar in the level of quality they are producing together; it’s a graphic work synergy by definition. All the pieces then fall into place with multiple character title releases in 2024 as well.

Lots of Anticipation

While no one is expecting Ghost Machine to suddenly produce a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon, the skillet and reputation of the team definitely has a ramped-up level of anticipation already in play with fans and audiences. Whether from the DC side, Image or other backgrounds, people are expecting to be impressed, and Ghost Nation doesn’t look to be letting anyone down either. 


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