Social media is a platform where you see some trending topics daily, including celebrities, business tycoons, athletes, and politicians. Similarly, we will share with you the trending topics of some stars circulating on social media.

Angelina Jolie’s Visit to Pakistan

Angelina Jolie is a famous Hollywood actress and is also known for her philanthropic work around the world. A few days ago, he visited the flood-affected areas of Pakistan and during his recent trip, he visited the affected areas and met with the people. Along with this, while expressing his opinion, he said that I visited the devastation caused by floods in Pakistan a few days ago. Due to this flood, 1/3 of the country’s land has been submerged and the number of victims has reached 33 million. Along with this, more than 6 million people are in need of emergency assistance.

Jolie visited disaster areas with The International Rescue Committee. It is a team that visits the crisis in any region of the world and helps the people affected by the disaster to recover, save lives, and help in the reconstruction of these areas.

Angelina Jolie also explained that there are 1 million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan who are now facing a lot of difficulties to go to their homes. Therefore, he said that human rights organizations should put pressure on the governments which are causing global warming due to their unnecessary use of resources and causing the death of millions of people in the world. We have to work for the improvement of human rights in the world and reduce the clashes between countries.

Prince William

Prince William seems to be taking his role seriously these days. Princess Kate and William visited the whole country a few days ago after their titles. During his visit, he met Rev. Steven Bunting at St. Thomas’s Church in Swansea. Where the center was established as a children’s supply and food bank for needy families. Along with this, William is seeking advice on learning the national language, Bunting told People.

William expressed his willingness to learn Welsh and tried to speak some phrases. They are trying to adapt themselves to a new role, said the reverend. This was Kate and William’s first visit since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Bunting said Kate and William wanted to talk to every volunteer at the center.

Rachel Bunting, who is Bunting’s wife, was jealous that this was a very good move. She said that they often come here on royal visits, but today is a special day where children can be seen everywhere. And this is our first access royal visit so far. To visit our website

Barbara Roufs

Barbara Roufs was a former famous American drag racing trophy girl who died suddenly in January 1991. She was the only girl who created excitement in drag racing and is remembered as the knock-out girl.

Barbara Roufs Life

Barbara Roufs joined drag racing in the 70s. It was the golden age of the 60s when the versions of cars were changing from the old models. Along with the cars, there was innovation in racing, and along with it, the viewing style of the fans also changed. With this new style, women also started taking part in drag racing and with this new style and innovation, a prominent name among women was a beautiful young girl drag racer from California whose name was Barbara Roufs.

Barbara created enthusiasm by putting her life into this race, increased the trend of the fans, and earned a name in this field.

Age and Family of Barbara Roufs

No family information is available for Barbara Roufs, but it can be assumed that she was born in California and was born in 1944. She died suddenly at the age of 47 a few years after receiving the honor of Trophy Girl in California.

Barbara Roufs Death

After a few years of living a happy life, Barbara suddenly committed suicide, but the cause of her death was not known. It was a matter of time before she got the trophy girl title a few years ago and she was a known name in drag racing in California.

Barbara Roufs Childerens

Until 2016, no one knew about this famous trophy girl of the past, but when Barbara met a famous photographer named Tom West. He published some memorable pictures of Barbara, then suddenly her daughter came into the picture, her name Jet Dougherty. After that, Jet shared more about her mother Barbara, and told her that her mother lived a happy life but this good life was too little for her.

Jet further expressed her opinion and said that she is proud that her mother’s name came on the internet, which was her dream that people would know about her mother.

Crystal Dougherty, who was the granddaughter of Barbara Roufs, also expressed her happiness when her grandmother’s photo appeared on the web. She said that she is proud that her grandmother was a beautiful and famous woman of the past.

Yazmin Cader Frazier

Yazmin Cader Frazier rise in popularity is due to her husband Kevin Frazier. Yazmin Frazier’s husband is a famous American TV host who is the host of the widely telecasted program Entertainment Tonight and is also known as the founder and owner of the website

Kevin Frazier is married to a beautiful woman Yazmin Cader. Kevin and Yazmin are also called lovebirds in the entertainment industry because this couple loves and respects each other. They got married on November 25, 2006, in a formal ceremony.


Yazmin Frazier Profession

Yazmin Frazier is currently serving in two organizations, including the Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU and the Director of the Trone Center for Justice and Equality. It is a non-profit organization that monitors abuse in the US criminal justice system.

Yazmin Frazier has been at the forefront of the struggle for racial justice in the United States, apart from this, she does an excellent job of giving creative ideas and visions to deal with the various problems facing the country.

She has also been a partner at Adams Trial Lawyers, which litigates for women’s rights in Los Angeles.

Yazmin Frazier has also served as the Director of Training for Federal Public Defenders in Los Angeles in the past. Along with this, she is also working as a full-time mother.

Yazmin Frazier keeps herself and her private life away from the spotlight and does not bring her important topics to the media. Apart from this, we have no information about her personal life, but she is the wife and mother of children of a famous American TV host, Kevin Frazier.

These were some popular topics and celebrities who have become the center of attention of users on social media these days


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