Keeping your business safe both from cyber attacks and physical theft is important. Whether you have just established your business, moved to a new building or have been in the same place for years we have a few tips that you may want to think about.

Physical security

There are many things that you can do to secure your building against intruders, from hiring security companies to simply updating the locks on the doors and windows. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Safes and locks

Investing in a safe and updating your locks can help slow down or even turn away intruders. Getting through more complex locks and a safe for storing valuables and cash can be a hassle and waste time; most would-be intruders won’t want to take the increased risk. For an extra layer of security to outer buildings or even drawers and cupboards you can add padlocks.

Security system and security guards

Hiring a security firm to look after the premises, installing alarms and cameras and hiring security staff to patrol the building can be good practice if your premises are large or vulnerable. You do not have to do all of these things, but at the very least having an alarm system and cameras offers good protection for your building.

Light up the place

Putting movement-activated lights or well-positioned constant lights around the premises can turn away intruders. Most thieves and intruders will prefer a dark or poorly lighted building as that will help them enter and leave unseen. A well-lit building will be unappealing to these individuals.

Cyber security

Here are a few suggestions that can help you protect your files and information from cyber intruders. Your options are not limited to what is suggested here; these are just a few things to get you started. Depending on your business and the information you need to protect you can decide how much protection you need and how much to spend on it.


Make sure your systems are all updated regularly and you have invested in the best cyber security solution that you can. Having good IT people is also important to maintain this system and to act as a barrier against any cyber intruders.


Make your passwords long and hard. It may be daunting to remember and to create those passwords but anything that can slow a cyber intruder so that your defences can detect them is worth doing.

Data backups

It is a good habit to back up your data. In case of a cyber attack, you can shut everything down and reconstruct it later from your backup files when the threat is gone. Backup programs can run constantly in the background and save your crucial data as you work. Keep your backup data on external drives and store these securely for an extra layer of protection.


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