Digital marketing provides lots of job opportunities. Since it is rapidly developing and businesses shift to implementing several digital marketing strategies, many specialists narrow down their careers to digital marketing. But as in any sphere, digital marketing also has trending jobs. 

This article will present the top five trendy jobs in digital marketing. 

Social media marketer

One of the trending jobs in digital marketing is the job of social media marketer. You will see a lot of job postings about social media marketers. Their duties include presenting companies on social media platforms. 

Social media marketers design content calendars, design Instagram posts, stories, and FB statuses, create content and work with copywriters, designers, and ad specialists to ensure satisfying results for business promotion through social media. Some social media marketers might also have skills in copywriting and ad placement on social media platforms. 

SEO Specialist

Another trending job in digital marketing is the job of a search engine optimization specialist. Companies take their ranking on search engines seriously. This attitude promotes the significance of having SEO specialists in the marketing team. 

SEO specialists can specialize in one of the SEO branches, such as on-site or off-site SEO and technical SEO. When working on large websites, these roles might be too specific. If the website is small, just one or two general SEO specialists might contribute to the website’s advancement. 

UX designer

Another trending job in digital marketing is the UX designer. UX stands for user experience. The duties of UX designers lie within the scope of creating user-friendly websites. UX designers work along with developers, SEO specialists, and content writers. Their job is to ensure customers landing on the website have a seamless experience. 

They need to consider the website’s intuitive design, easy navigation, and logical arrangement of the categories. UX designers are also responsible for designing wireframes and frameworks, design icons, text font, and size. They should ensure that users get visually satisfied with the website and do not leave it immediately. 

Email marketing specialist

Email marketing specialist is another demanding job in digital marketing. Companies need email marketing to retain customers and fill their subscribers’ lists. Email marketing specialists are in charge of organically creating email lists and forming a strategy to meet marketing needs. 

Email marketing specialists work with content writers and designers to create natural email templates, newsletter content, and subject lines. They also need to analyze the data and adjust the strategy accordingly. 

Copywriter and content writer

Last but not least, one of the most demanded jobs in digital marketing. Content writers may only contribute to the content marketing mission. However, this is a supportive role for any of the above-mentioned jobs. Companies having large teams of marketing specialists provide coworking space software for proper assignment and management of marketing deals. 

Since content writers work with SEO specialists, email marketers, and social media marketers to prepare content that would best serve the marketing goals’ needs, the job of content writers is highly trendy. Copywriters work with ad specialists to create selling content and increase revenues. 


Digital marketing jobs are on boom. There are several jobs in high demand at the moment. Companies need great UX designers, SEO specialists, content writers and copywriters, social media marketers, and email marketers. These specialists play a significant role in achieving business goals of promotion, making these jobs trendy. 


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