A block Puzzle, which is a combination of Tangrams and Tetris is a fun puzzle and trivia game. Block Puzzle’s simple rules are as follows: Drop blocks all around the screen to arrange them, so they fit into the shaded region in the center. With only a few blocks, this game initially seems simple. But when the number of blocks increases, it unquestionably becomes difficult.

If you are playing a block puzzle, there is no doubt that you want to play it successfully and get higher scores. This is doable, especially if you are equipped with tips and tricks to go about it. In this article, we discuss tips to help you ace block puzzles. Let’s delve into them.

1. Plan ahead

Unfortunately, some players are so absorbed in clearing rows and columns that they aren’t even conscious of their surroundings. Fortunately, regardless of how long you play or how rapidly it appears to go, a game does not last forever. When this occurs, you can find that there are a lot of blocks at the end of a row that just cannot fit anyplace on the board, which regrettably results in the game ending early. So you must plan ahead if you want to play for an extended period and increase your score.

2. Focus on horizontal and vertical lines

Not building as many brick stacks as you can is the goal of the block puzzle game. It involves arranging vertical and horizontal blocks in a line to cover places on the game board. You can score points and clear a spot on the board when you finish a line. This is what distinguishes this game from others of its ilk, where the objective is often to stack the most bricks or match shapes and colors.

While doing so might get you some points, the gameplay in this block puzzle game is more intriguing when lines are made, and finally, the board is covered with either horizontally or vertically arranged pieces.

3. Avoid piling blocks on the board

Make sure to arrange the blocks properly. It would be beneficial to consider which pieces would work best for your approach before arranging them on the grid. Since it will be easy to place your pieces quicker than your opponent, you must also have good timing and aim. Don’t worry if you make mistakes occasionally.

4. Clear as many columns as possible

You gain points in block puzzle games by clearing lines. However, unlike a single flying bird caught in a cage, a huge number of identically colored rows or columns may not be immediately visible to you or your opponent.

By focusing on particular locations, you can swiftly score points while also confusing your opponent, causing them to make mistakes that you can subsequently take advantage of by choosing their next move.

5. Strive to create more lines than blocks

A line can be cleared in a variety of ways. It can be cleared up in a single swipe, or it can be done in three consecutive turns. However, the most fascinating and challenging strategies involve arranging unusual forms of shapes, such as diagonals or diamonds.


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