One should think about whether or not Motor designing is the right choice or not before going for Motor Designing training. There are many avenues to choose from, and one should be perfect in knowing about this field for opting for Motor Designing training.

Have you ever wondered how your car works?

In the past, cars were all mechanical. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew how to fix their car, which was the main topic of conversation at any gathering.

Then electronic safety systems were introduced, such as abs; esp. later, with time, more electronics appeared.

Today software and electronics account for almost 40 per cent of the cost of manufacturing a car. By 2030 this figure is expected to rise to as much as 50 per cent.

Almost every element of a car contains a microcontroller. In the future, cars will have more software than planes, spaceships or trains.

How can one ensure quality reliability and, most importantly, user safety? For example, how much software should we require to make your car capable of firing the Airbag with millisecond precision after hitting an obstacle?

The answer is a lot, sometimes even over 150 million lines of code.

So how do we keep them error-free?

Here AUTOSAR training standard comes to our aid which is used in almost every mass-produced car.

Therefore people who know how to use it are essential.

Embedded software consisted of hours spent on the computer trying to blink a Diode or to display hello world, dozens of fried circuits soldering and testing. Thousands of lines coded in c hundreds of discussions and numerous changes of perspective, continuous optimisations to improve code quality and reduce the risk of error as much as possible.

AUTOSAR standard provides the required architecture significantly increases

Code quality guarantees compatibility with other parts of the software.

The automotive open system architecture is a development partnership of automotive interested parties. The main objective of AUTOSAR is to establish an effective software architecture for automotive electric control units.

AUTOSAR is a standardised automobile software architecture. This software is independent, and a car manufacturer can make it reusable for individual engine control unit systems.

Basic software modules created by AUTOSAR are layered software architectures. AUTOSAR software can be installed in any vehicle. AUTOSAR can vary among vehicle manufacturers and electronic device suppliers, which helps reduce research and development expenses.

The main objectives of AUTOSAR are the activation of redundancy and maintenance during the entire product life cycle, software updates, safety requirements and many more.

Specific components make AUTOSAR favourable in the market. In AUTOSAR,

  • Software sharing is possible between two firms.
  • AUTOSAR can reuse software components.
  • The software architecture is layered.
  • AUTOSAR can reuse the software code.
  • Flexibility in designing is possible.
  • AUTOSAR will reduce the cost.
  • Time-saving is possible, and the efficiency rate will increase.


Infotainment, sensors, electrification, map updates, automotive apps and other related components use AUTOSAR.

Learning AUTOSAR can be easy when you give 100% dedication. Before learning AUTOSAR, one should learn the basics from experienced persons. Try creating samples within Matlab and learn from mistakes.


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