Protecting your heart health may be easier than you think, at least in some ways. While there are always aspects of life you won’t be able to control, one of the best things you can do for your heart is be happy. It turns out that joy and happiness can have a real effect on the health of your heart and the longevity you have, so it’s worth considering what you can do in life to be happier.

Joy Brings Many Heart Benefits

People like Robin Williams and other beloved comedians have left an enduring legacy behind, says Ian Weisberg. They’ve brought joy to so many people’s lives and given them something to laugh about for years to come. Not only did they make people happy in the moment, but they may have also extended those people’s lives and helped their hearts become stronger and healthier. Laughter really can be medicine, at least to some extent.

Find Joy in Your Life to Strengthen Your Heart

When you’re joyful your blood pressure comes down and your circulatory system is more relaxed. This makes it easier for your heart to pump blood around the body because it doesn’t have to work so hard. While it’s good to exercise your heart and get it pumping, it’s not good for it to be under a constant state of strain and stress. Giving it time to relax makes a difference.

Doctors Know That Joy Changes Things

Dr. Ian Weisberg knows that there are many factors that go into heart health and that laughing and being happy are among them. Whether you’re laughing along with someone else, or you’re the comedian making others happy, there are benefits to your heart when you choose joy. The feel-good chemicals your brain makes when happy are good for every system in your body, including your heart and circulation.

There Are Always Things to Be Joyful About

It may not always be easy to find joy in life. There are issues and problems that can occur. But there’s generally always something to be happy about. When you laugh, love, and look for the silver lining you’re doing more than choosing joy in that moment. You’re also protecting your heart and giving yourself a boost for your longevity and long-term health goals.

Remember, the goal of aging isn’t just to make it to the next yearly milestone. It’s also to age in a way that helps you stay active and engaged with life for as long as possible. Being more joyful can give you a higher chance of doing that, which provides you with additional moments of joy in the future.


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