Tien Len Mien Bac is a game quite familiar to gamblers and quite easy to play. However, for those who are new to the game, what are the rules of playing Tien Len in the North is still a question? Let’s join today  New88today Learn about the rules of Tien Len game in the North.

The rules of the game move forward

In the way of playing cards, the rules of same number and same suit are followed. At the same time, it needs to be of the same color for mandatory distinctness.

  • If A plays a 4, B needs to block a card of the same suit or greater than 4
  • If A plays pair 88, B needs to block pairs of the same color (if any).
  • If A plays 555, player B will have the same suit
  • If A plays 4-5-6, player B will block cards of the same suit and consecutively larger numbers.

Special case

  • Card 2 (pig) has the right to play any card to cut the smaller card or pig. But you absolutely get to play the last piece.
  • The four of a kind can cut off a 2 card and the four of a kind are smaller and can also be played last.

Terminology of the article “Go to the North”.

To knowHow to play Tien Len card in the North Understanding the terms when playing Tien Len card game in the North means that players should clearly understand the rules before entering the game. However, before that, they need to know what the terms of tu lo kho are and provide additional methods for players to use when playing this game correctly.

Odd: These cards cannot be used to combine with other cards. For example, with cards: 5,7,8,9, card 5 is called an odd card, and in the hand there is only one card 5.

Pair: This term refers to cards of equal value and the same color.

Set of 3: This word refers to 3 equal cards. For example: three cards of 8 (8 spades/ diamonds/ clubs or 8 clubs/ hearts/ diamonds…)

Four of a kind: A term used to describe four cards of equal value. And with the Northern way of playing cards, it means having very high power.

Introducing the song Tien Len to the North

Northern Tien Len card game, a new variation of Tien Len. This game uses a deck of 52 cards. To participate in the game, you will need 2 to 4 people like Tien Len Nam. At the same time, each person receives 13 cards to start playing. The extra cards will be placed first and those extra cards will not be used.

How to play Tien Len to the North

To better understand the Northern Tien Len card game at Yo88. Players need to understand more about the best way to play.

Order of the cards

To play the game forward, you will need a set of 52 cards, divided equally among 4 people. Each person will now get 13 cards. In case the table has only 2 to 3 people, they are all dealt 13, the remaining cards are left on the table:

  • The smallest card is 3 and arranged in ascending order as follows: 3< 4< 5< 6< 7< 8< 9< 10< J< Q< K< A< 2
  • The advancing suits are: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Diamonds
  • When a player compares 4 cards of the same value, the order is as follows: spades< clubs< diamonds< hearts
  • The forward stroke will be counterclockwise
  • The room creator will have the right to start play when a player presses the button ready to participate
  • The player with the smallest card of 3 spades will by default play first. However, if you play cards outside of real life, depending on where you are, there will be different regulations.
  • The winner will be the first person to play all 13 of their cards. The remaining players will be continued to classify second, third, and last
  • The time for a player to make a decision is 30S

How to deal cards to the North

As mentioned above, after dealing the cards, the right to play first will be the one with the lowest card (3 of spades). The person holding 3 of spades will play counterclockwise. Those who come later need to have pieces of the same type, same quality, and higher than the ones they fought first. In case there are no more cards, accept the turn and wait for the next opportunity.
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When everyone has finished the round, if one person misses a turn, it is considered to have missed the entire round. If no one continues to block, the person who plays last will play a card and continue the new round. The game only really ends when the first person plays all the cards. The players still in hand will be the losers.


Above is the article by New88 Share about the rules of Tien Len game in the North. Because the Northern card game is quite familiar to gamblers and quite easy to play. Good luck guys when playing the game.


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