There are various types of racking systems used in storage facilities, but the best racking system that will help you optimise your space entirely is the cantilever racking system. When choosing a shelf and racking design, ensure that you choose the right racking system to increase your space utilisation without messing up your operations.

The shelves and racking system you choose should have multiple levels to stack the items, as this will help you manage and optimise the available space within the warehouse effectively and efficiently. The following are the importance of racks and shelves in storage space.

Accommodates High-Capacity Requirements

Choosing a cantilever racking system for your storage facility is important because, on most occasions, it is not always affected by the standard racking system. The cantilever racking system maximises storage space and is ideal for storing long and bulky items. Depending on the items you are dealing with, some storage systems are highly limiting, especially when dealing with non-palettised heavy items.

At times you might decide to use floor stacking because it is a low-cost option, but you need to understand that it is not space efficient and has safety issues too. At the same time, it reduces the available storage capacity of your storage facility.

Racks and shelves allow you to layout the facility by freeing up the floor space. Compared to the other systems of racking for storage used within your facility, racks and shelves can help you organise bulky items more effectively. In the end, this will enable seamless product retrieval and warehouse operations.

The fact that cantilever racks are always famousbiography configured without shelving makes it easy to adjust using a simple hairpin system. The cantilever racking system allows forklifts, dollies, and other picking equipment to access the stored items through the horizontal space between the racks.

Increases Vertical Storage Capacity

Using racks, especially the cantilever rack in your storage facility, will allow you to use vertical space as it offers multiple storage levels. The racks will provide you with more floor space and improve efficiency when you use the correct spacing. It is recommended that you use the cantilever racking in your facility because of its accessibility.

Using the racking and shelving system of the newsintv cantilever will give you a chance to retrieve your stored items easily using material handling equipment, for instance, the forklift. Using racks and shelves in a storage facility will help you effectively utilise your available storage space. For instance, on most occasions, items like pipes and lumber occupy a large area when stored on the facility floor, reducing the space for other items.

However, a proper racking system will allow you to store the bulk items and keep them organised. Ultimately, it will free up space for other items to be kept within the facility. As mentioned, the racks and shelves usually make optimum use of the available vertical space, especially if you choose the cantilever system for constructing the shelves and the racks.

Enhance Safety and Product Visibility

As much as the racking system is all about space optimisation, there is also another importance of using racks and shelves in a storage facility. For instance, using cantilever racking will enhance the safety of the stored items and the employees working within the facility’s storage space. There are various ways to use racks to improve your facility’s safety. The poor storage strategy, for instance, putting items on the floor, is perilous, especially for warehouse workers.

That is why it is recommended you use shelves and racks. For example, using racks and shelves will help you to eliminate tripping instances caused by items lying aimlessly on the floor. Storing items on the shelves will reduce the risks of injuries associated with manoeuvring products, especially if the storage facility is small. At the same time, the racking system also enhances product visibility.

Piling up items anyhow restricts the movability, and it is time-consuming to look for them one by one in a pile of items either on the floor or squeezed in a corner. When you use a cantilever system, there is a chance that you will systematically arrange the items on their respective shelves. The advantage of this is that it will provide clear visibility where your employees can easily locate specific products from the stored inventory whenever they need them.

The use of racks and shelves has a lot of significance when it comes to optimising storage space within your facility. It helps you manage and utilise the available space within the warehouse in the best possible way, which in the end, improves the facility’s productivity.

Though there are various racking systems, the cantilever system is the most preferred one to help you use your space in an optimum way. A cantilever racking system is a flexible system that can be used in various storage facilities, for instance, plumbing warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing stores.


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