If you are looking for a logic game that can tease your thinking skill and leave it feeling refreshed, you can pick a game of numbers. And the best part is that plenty of number games are available on the Google Play Store. In this article, we explore the best number of games for Android. Let’s explore them.

  • Original 2048

This is one of the most popular subcategories of number puzzle games for Android. The game is a sliding puzzle, and players must slide the blocks to finally arrange four of them in a 2048-style arrangement. Even though there are numerous apps with the name “2048,” this puzzle game still has a lot of downloads and positive reviews, making it one of the top puzzle games. While many gamers enjoy indulging in number games on their Android devices, it’s essential to occasionally take a break from the screen and immerse oneself in real-life challenges. If you’re interested in a unique gaming experience that’s both mentally stimulating and engaging, you might want to explore escape rooms. These live-action games require a combination of puzzle-solving, collaboration, and strategic thinking, offering an adventurous alternative to your typical mobile gaming.

When you initially open this app, you can choose the grid you want to play the game on. There are 4×4 grids, 5×5, 6×6, etc. After selecting your own grid, you may start playing this fantastic puzzle game. If you’re looking for a difficult puzzle game, Original 2048 ought to be at the top of your list.

  • Sudoku

The classic puzzle Sudoku is one of the best and most well-liked number puzzle games for Android. The primary goal of this game is to vertically and horizontally arrange the numbers. The grid has a 1 to 9 number count. To construct a perfect Sudoku, the player must ensure that no number occurs more than once in the rows, columns, or grid. With the Sudoku puzzle game, players can get hints and even go back and remove certain entries. You can further stimulate your thinking skill with this game’s regular tasks. Players can change the theme of the game and disable advertisements by selecting the in-app purchase. Even though playing Sudoku initially sounds challenging, it’s fun if you learn the rules and become an expert.

  • Threes

Threes and 2048 are similar because 2048 is a copy of Threes. They both require you to move tiles around and combine them with tiles that have the same number. You should download the popular number puzzle game Threes to your Android device.

To play this game, you must slide the tiles to make the number three and its multiples. You are provided with a set of rules explaining how to play this game. Even though it might seem simple at first, connecting the tiles will require a lot of practice. Threes is a captivating and fun number puzzle game. The value of the tiles will increase by two. Essentially, you combine two threes to make a six, two sixes to make a twelve, etc.

  • Toon math

This game combines an endless runner with odisha discom math. Players get to run on a three-lane path while dodging obstacles. A simple arithmetic issue will eventually be presented to you once you select a number in the game. By navigating the barriers in the road leading to the solution, you can solve easily it. this game is ideal for players of all ages.


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