EMDR is a confusing term that not many people really get it despite telling them literally and figuratively. Basically, in order to understand the definition of the EMDR therapy, you will have to see what EMDR stands for, EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, the name says it all and explains the therapy in the simplest words imaginable.

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The therapy program simply just takes away the traumatic memory’s connection with the eyes and the mind, basically what it does is that the trauma that one feels via while remembering the event, the eye desensitization technique simply just takes the movement of the eyes and tries to change how it moves while remembering the trauma, and reprocesses it through the desensitization technique.

Introduction to the therapy program—EMDR.

We simply talked about what EMDR does, the process of how it operates is in the name itself, but there are usually 8 steps involved. The program started in the year 1987 and uses the AIP model which stands for the “Adaptive Information Processing” to operate. The therapy program requires 2 sessions in 1 week for the patient and a total of about 6 to 12 sessions happen that can help the patient recover from PTSD, although some people can get the benefit of the EMDR therapy earlier than that.

There are literally 8 steps that a patient goes through in order to make the EMDR therapy work for them, the steps are the following:

  1. The first step is the “history-taking” step. The first step of the program is a lengthy one in which the patient and the therapist have to sit together to remember all of the PTSD memories that they have to work through them, all of the past memories and the triggers that the person has right now are tackled along with the goals kept in mind. Through the history-taking step, the person is to be understood as a whole so that the therapist can start to unpuzzle the mystery of all the traumas so that they can attack them at the core to finally remove the bridge between the trauma and the memory.
  2. The second step is to prepare. When the traumas are identified and the triggers are put on paper, the therapist then plans to give the treatment for the said issues and introduces the patient to the numerous procedures, such as practicing the eye movement along with BLS components. The therapist has to ensure that the patient has enough resources that can help them go through the program.
  3. Step three is to assess. The third step of the therapy is to make an assessment, this step activates the memory and access the image, affects, cognitive, as well as the impact on the body so that they can be measured through the SUD as well as the VOC which stand for Subjective Units of Disturbance and Validity of Cognition, respectively.
  4. The fourth step is to desensitize. The client has to focus on the memory whilst engaging themselves with the eye movements or other forms of BLS. Then the client can tell what kind of new thoughts have emerged. This is done again and again until the memory does not cause any distress.
  5. The fifth step is to install. This is all about installing the preferred positive cognition.
  6. Body scanning is the sixth step. This step asks the client to remember the event again so that the body can be scanned for distress signals, if any, the BLS is used again.
  7. Closure is the 7th Session ends with closure, if memory remains to be painful, safety protocols are administered so that they can be tackled in the next session.
  8. A re-evaluation is done. The client is re-evaluated in the next session to make sure what worked and what didn’t.

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