There are so many hunting accidents that take place in Texas day in and day out, and even if some of them are not fatal, the texas parks and wildlife department urges hunters to follow the safety rules because some accidents can lead to severe injuries. Experienced hunters also need to observe the safety measures placed in texas to avoid fatal injuries that may occur unexpectedly. For example, Squaw Mountain Ranch makes sure they observe all the safety measures so that they don’t end up getting closed. In Texas, most hunters usually carry out Deer hunting and whitetail deer hunting for food and recreational purposes.

The safety hunting tips that hunters in Texas have to observe include;

1. Hunters should take hunting safety training classes

Most hunting accidents usually occur with skilled hunters. Still, the Texas park and wildlife department noticed that those who got injured during the hunting exercise are hunters who haven’t gone through the appropriate hunting training. Before you go out to hunt, you could enrol in an online safety course through the TWPD website, where you will learn basic safety skills such as what to put on when hunting, the right time to hunt and how to communicate with other hunters.

2. Wearing the right protective gear

In case you are shooting at a range, make sure you have worn both eye and ear protective gear since exploding shells can lead to hearing loss or eye damage from burnt powder or flying substances. In case you are shooting in a field or you are out on a trip, make sure you have your safety glasses on but don’t wear hearing protection gadgets as you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Even if you are a professional hunter or shooter, wear the proper protective gear to protect yourself from injuries.

Deer hunting laws in Texas

1. Must have a licence

If you are in Texas and you are a hunter, you need to have a hunting licence. If you are seventeen and above, you will need to walk with a driver’s license or an identification card from the texas department of public safety so that your identity can be verified. If you don’t follow this regulation, your hunting licence will be revoked, and you will be fined $10,000 and face jail time.

2. Observe safety measures

As a hunter who is nine years of age, you must finish a 14-hour education hunting training course. The Texas hunting department also urges all hitters to put on 400 Square inches of hunter orange, and you must include 144 inches of square inches of orange on the chest and the back and a hunter’s orange hat. To be regarded as a hunter, make sure you have this gadget.


As a hunter, you need to be very cautious when going to hunt to avoid getting injured. Consider the tips listed above so that you could be able to be safe at all times and you could enjoy your hunting experience.


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