In the dynamic world of RuneScape, each significant content release triggers intense speculation about its potential impact on the game’s economy. Recently, with the highly-anticipated arrival of Desert Treasure 2 just a few weeks away, the RuneScape economy has experienced some fascinating shifts. This article explores the market trends and price fluctuations triggered by this major content release, as well as the recent Forestry update.

The Twisted Bow Phenomenon

Among the many items experiencing unprecedented price surges is the Twisted Bow, which has reached a new all-time high of 1.5 billion OSRS Gold. The value has doubled since its all-time low back in November 2021. Although there’s no concrete reason for this increase, Desert Treasure 2 is fueling speculation across various sectors of the PvM (Player vs. Monster) market. Players are considering the possibility that the Twisted Bow could excel in the new content, given its historical performance in similar situations.

Surging Demand and Speculation

As the release of Desert Treasure 2 approaches, players are engaging in frenzied speculation, causing demand and prices to skyrocket across various items. For example, the Harmonized Ore has seen a notable increase from 300 million to 400 million gold within a month, a 25% surge. Similarly, the Armadyl Crossbow has witnessed an unexplained price hike from 39 million to 49 million gold in just a month.

One of the most striking examples is the Ancestral Robe Set, which has nearly doubled in value this year, reaching almost 400 million gold for the entire set. This surge indicates players’ anticipation of the potential usefulness of the items in the upcoming content. So the willingness to buy Runescape Gold has become very strong.

Upgraded Dagon’hai Rings

The anticipation surrounding the upgrades to the Dagon’hai Rings has caused significant price increases. The Berserker Ring has risen approximately 25%, while the Archer Ring has surged by around 600-700k. However, the Warriors Ring has experienced an astronomical increase of 300-400%, rising from 30k to nearly 400k. This surge in demand might be due to players stockpiling the original rings in preparation for the upgrade requirements.

The Forestry Update Impact

The recent Forestry update has had a substantial effect on the RuneScape economy, particularly in the woodcutting market. The Dragon Axe’s value soared to 300k when it was initially announced, but with the update’s release, it plummeted almost back to its alch value. However, the forthcoming release of part two of the Forestry update might increase the demand for axes once again.

One unexpected outcome of the update was the surge in demand for Arctic Pine Logs, making them the most expensive logs in the game, surpassing even Magic Logs. The demand is driven by the fact that Arctic Pine Logs are required to claim items from the Forestry shop, including the new Forestry outfit and Funky Shaped Log.

New Items and Their Impact

The Forestry update introduced several new items, such as Leaves, Log Braces, Leprechaun Charms, and Bees on Sticks. While some of these items currently have no specific purpose, they still command relatively high prices given’s guess at their potential value.


The release of Desert Treasure 2 and Forestry has had a major impact on the RuneScape economy. The price of a number of items has been affected, and it is likely that the economy will continue to fluctuate as players adjust to the new content.

Here are some additional thoughts on the impact of Desert Treasure 2 and Forestry on the RuneScape economy:

It is possible that the price of the Twisted bow will continue to increase as more players attempt to defeat the new bosses in Desert Treasure 2.

The price of other items, such as the Ancestral robe set, may also continue to increase as more players reach the higher levels of the Forestry skill.

The price of logs is likely to remain volatile as players adjust to the new requirements for the Forestry skill.

Overall, the release of Desert Treasure 2 and Forestry has had a significant impact on the RuneScape economy. It will be interesting to see how the economy evolves in the coming months.


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