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There seems to be some legitimacy regarding a few of Chicago Bulls’ player ratings for NBA 2K23, so let’s check them out down below!

NBA fans are certainly eager to lay their hands on the latest NBA 2K23 game, but many of us are still wondering about the newest player ratings for many of our favourite basketballers.

If one source is to be trusted – a tight-knit group called “Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans” – then we might already have an idea of a few of Chicago Bulls’ player ratings today!

Here’s a preview of what the most veteran fans are saying about five (5) of Chicago Bulls’ players:

Five (5) Chicago Bulls’ Player Ratings:

(SG/ SF) DeMar DeRozan: OVR 88 (-2)

(SG/ PG) Zach LaVine: OVR 86 (-2)

(C/ PF) Nikola Vucevic: OVR 82 (-1)

(SG) Lonzo Ball: OVR 81 (-1)

(PF/ SF) Patrick Williams: OVR 75 (+1)

These five (5) players have seen a few ups and downs to their overall rating, as you can see their previous NBA 2K22 ratings here:

(SG/ SF) DeMar DeRozan: OVR 90

(SG/ PG) Zach LaVine: OVR 88

(C/ PF) Nikola Vucevic: OVR 83

(SG) Lonzo Ball: OVR 82

(PF/ SF) Patrick Williams: OVR 74

Either way, it would seem that Chicago Bulls’ top players might be of DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, and Nikola Vucevic.

Obviously, there will be more player ratings to be revealed in the coming weeks leading up to NBA 2K23’s eventual release.

There are also rumours of other player ratings being leaked as well, of different teams like the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

We’ll cover those in other articles too, or you can also wait until their final ratings are confirmed by the developers themselves.

Officially, the game is set to be launched around 9th September 2023 (Friday), but this might be different for you depending on your home location.

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