Ever wondered how unhinged teenagers can be? The Spanish show Elite captures high schoolers at their worst. When three friends decide to attend the private school, they turn everything upside down. The cultural clash begins and it’s a race to be better than their extremely rich classmates. Throw in  granny singles dating , forbidden romance and a bunch of crazy teenagers who would do anything for status, and the show becomes a binge-worthy treat that just gets crazier with every season.

All of Us Are Dead

After the major success of Squid Game, Korean dramas have increasingly become popular. One Korean drama that has been in the talks recently is All of Us Are Dead. The zombie thriller has become a huge hit with horror and suspense seekers. This coming-of-age drama features a group of high schoolers whose simple life takes a turn for the worst when people in their school start turning into zombies. They find themselves staking everything for their survival. The drama keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, and the ending leaves you with a surprise, which is why it’s a must-watch show.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth follows the story of a half-human, half-deer who is searching for his place in the world with his gruff protector. His journey to find where he belongs in a world that is none like the one that he is used to takes you on an adventure of a lifetime. The show is as heartwarming as it is mysterious. The comic book adaptation leaves you wanting more (and lucky for you, a season 2 is in the making!)

Shadow and Bone

The famous series by Leigh Bardugo that took fantasy book lovers by a storm is now out creating the Grisha world on television. This must-watch show has been one of the highest streaming on Netflix. The magical fantasy follows Alina Starvok, a simple girl who has nothing special about her. Or so she thought. Possessing the power to unite their world, she finds out that the fate of her friends and kingdom depends on her. As word of her power travels around, she becomes one of the most wanted people and Kaz Bekker and his team would do anything to find and get her. The show itself consists of amazing graphics and scenes that would look amazing on a bigger screen. So if you have a television, this is the show you need to watch on it. You can get professionals for tv aerial installation and wall mount your television by


Time travel can never go right, right? Adapted from the book series by Diana Gabaldon, the show follows the story of Claire, a World War 2 nurse that is happily married. What she thinks is a normal trip with her husband turns out to be the trip that changes her life when she mysteriously finds herself in the year 1743, the year of the Scottish uprising. Desperate to get home and severely confused by what is going on, she finds herself a part of the said uprising where she falls in love with a young soldier. The show provides you with a romance that is going to sweep you off your feet (and maybe take you back in time) and the occasionally accurate history lesson.


Another book adaptation that takes you in the world of the elite class in the 1800s, Bridgeton is the perfect mix between fantasy storytelling and historical nostalgia. Daphne is a normal girl who wants a normal life. She yearns to be married now that she is of age and her mother is hell-bent on choosing the right guy for her sweet daughter. In a twist of events, her brother’s best friend, the duke, and she have to pretend to fake-date each other. Throw in jealous women who want the duke for themselves, kingdom politics and a ton of ball dances, and you’ve got yourself a binge-worthy must-watch show.

The Woman in the House Across From the Street From the Girl in the Window

We get it. There have been way too many series and films that follow similar plotlines to that of the Girl in the Window. However, this thriller parody is somehow different. The show revolves around Anna, a heartbroken woman who spends her days looking out of the window, sipping wine, feeling life move on without her. But when a handsome neighbour moves into the house across from her street (perfectly in view of her window), she starts having hope. That is before she sees her handsome neighbour murder someone. Completely deranged and hilarious, the show is new and fresh for the Netflix audience as there is nothing that can prepare you for it.


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