Mount Manaslu is also one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking forward to climbing a mountain. It is the 8th tallest mountain in the world with a height of 26758 ft / 8156 m. Most mountains with 8000+ heights are known for being deadly, but not Manaslu Mountain. It is one of the easiest mountains to climb in an 8000+ group. This mountain is located near another very popular tourist and climbing destination known as mount Annapurna. A lot of people try to climb this mountain every year during the window of 35 to 40 days.

How to climb Manaslu?

Summitclimb offers three Manaslu expeditions every year, led by some of the expert leaders. If you are going on a Manaslu expedition, you will have to reach the base camp. You can go from Kathmandu to Gorkha using a bus. Before going to climb the mountain, make sure that you get all your required paperwork done and you get all the permits that are needed for climbing this mountain. You will also have to buy a lot of gear for climbing, including tents, clothes, and shoes. There are a lot of other tools and goods that you might need. You should contact a tourism and expedition company to provide you with Sherpas for this expedition.

They will guide you throughout the process. First of all, you will reach the Gorkha, and from there, you will reach Arughat, Sundi Khola, then Macha Khola. You will have to further trek through the Budhi Gandaki to Jagat, and from there towards Ghap village. You will have to further trek from Pungen Gompa to Sama Gaon. After that, you will trek towards the Manaslu base camp. There you will rest and prepare for your climbing expedition according to the guidelines of your Sherpas and other members of the expedition. After you are done climbing, you will have to return home through the same trekking route, then a bus towards Kathmandu.

How much does it cost to climb Manaslu?

It can cost between $6000 to $24,000 per head. This is a moderate level cost and companies offer different packages to those who want to climb. For example, some companies offer two or three packages, a normal package that costs $12,000 and a VIP package that can cost more than $24,000. The reason behind this much cost for a mountain climbing expedition is that it is a long journey that takes a lot of time.

Here are the listed prices of Summit Climb

Full Service Cost: $14,150 £11,250 €12,450; Basic Climb Cost: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050.

Manaslu trek For Climbers:

The Manaslu Trek is known for being fairly difficult like Lhotse. Lhotse climb is another 8000-meter peak. Manaslu is less difficult than any other mountain trek, but still, it may be hard to climb due to adverse weather conditions in that area and the low availability of oxygen at that altitude. But summitclimb has enough experience of handling the circumstances and you don’t have to worry about it. If you are looking forward to climbing  your first 8000+ meters mountain, it should be your first choice also you can try another easy trekking peak i.e. Lobuche. Lobuche peak is just 6119 meters tall.


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