Live African cockfighting, also known as online cockfighting from the Philippines, is increasingly becoming a popular form of entertainment and attracting the attention of a large number of bettors around the world. Let’s find out in detail with Trang Chủ 789BET what interesting features this type has that attracts so many people’s interest!

Why is live African chicken so interested in 789BET bettors?

CockfightingA knife live from the Philippines offers a unique form of entertainment, where the strength and fighting skills of fighting chickens are demonstrated in a special way. This is not only a match between two powerful cocks, but also a contest of dexterity and luck. While traditional cockfighting emphasizes strength and fighting experience accumulated through many matches, cockfighting in the Philippines has the following outstanding features:

Dramatic and eye-catching African cockfighting live match

Knife cockfighting in the Philippines always attracts the attention of both players and viewers thanks to the thrilling and eye-catching matches. Each confrontation is not only a display of strength, but also a display of strategy and luck.

Fast time quickly

Each match usually lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, maybe even shorter, just tYes 3 – 5 minutes. This is due to the addition of the “knife spur”, a small weapon that gives the cocks the ability to end the fight quickly. Not only does it help shorten battle time, but it also increases the attractiveness and surprise of each match.

Directly chickenPhi with a variety of fighting cock breeds

The Cua Dao cockfighting playground in the Philippines boasts a diversity of fighting chicken breeds, with many breeds imported from countries such as the US, Canada, etc. Thereby creating a diverse arena in fighting and fighting styles. each chicken’s strategy.

Chance of winning big when betting

With each live cock fightPhi Not only relying on strength and fighting skills but also relying heavily on the element of luck, players can find a higher chance of winning when participating in betting.

In short, live cockfighting from the Philippines is a dramatic and attractive form of entertainment with diversity and high competitiveness, promising to bring a unique and interesting experience to players and viewers.

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Directly chickenPhi What breeds are involved?

Cockfights here are not limited to traditional displays of strength but also bring unique and exciting experiences. Below are some prominent forms of cockfighting in the Philippine arena:

Knife cockfighting

While in Vietnam, pedigree chickens (chickens with their feathers removed) are used for traditional style matches. In the Philippines, pedigree chickens are equipped with knife spurs, adding to the fierceness and uniqueness of each match.

Breed chickens with a healthy, featherless appearance, when participating in a fight, will create serious wounds, making the fight more dramatic and attractive. On the contrary, bantams and other fighting chicken breeds with thick feathers will help them protect their bodies better, making the fight last longer.

Directly from Peruvian African chickens

Peruvian chickens, although originating from Peru, are crossbred with European chicken breeds. They stand out with sharp black eyes, long sturdy black beaks and neat plumage. In particular, Peruvian chickens have a slightly hunched back and long chest, along with strong and intelligent fighting skills.

Philippine knife cockfighting

Bantam chicken, a popular and lightweight chicken breed, stands out with its silky feathers and variety of colors. With a light but aggressive body, the bantam chicken is always ready to fiercely attack its opponents.

African chickens are directly similar to American chickens

American chickens, with good health and little disease, are famous for their agile movements and precise attacks. Participating in knife fights, this breed often shows strength and dexterity in each kick, creating thrilling and equally impressive matches.

Note when participating in live betting on African chickens at 789BET

KWhen participating in watching African chicken live, understanding and developing betting skills is very important. For beginners, the many factors to consider can be confusing, but with time and experience, the ability to analyze and evaluate cocks will become better.

Note when participating in live betting on African chickens at 789BET

  • Regularly watching and participating in many matches will help you better understand situations and tactics in the cockfighting arena.
  • Remember, a match can change unexpectedly due to many factors, not just the skill of the rooster.
  • Before deciding to bet, consult the information and analyze carefully to place a reasonable bet.
  • Do not blindly trust a cock and place too large a bet without considering attacks and tactics.
  • Avoid following the crowd, betting without thinking, because this can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary failures.
  • Seizing opportunities and investing at the right time will increase your chances of winning.
  • Betting on the underdog can also be a smart choice, bringing a high probability of winning if analyzed and evaluated correctly.

In general, participation in betting requires patience, thorough analysis and good risk management ability.


In general, live African cockfighting has affirmed its position as a unique form of entertainment, attracting not only cockfighting fans but also professional bettors. With a combination of tradition and modernity, along with thrilling matches, online cockfighting from the Philippines is constantly enhancing its stature on the global entertainment ma.


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