Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used programs in the world. It is installed on more than a billion computers and runs on a variety of operating systems. Its first version was released in 1983, when it was known as Multi-Tool Word. It is now a part of the Microsoft Office suite sbobetbz.

The latest version of Word comes with a host of new features. These features include the ability to translate words and sentences into other languages. You can do this by selecting the Microsoft Translator tool from the Review tab in Word. The translation tool is also included in other Microsoft programs, including Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote spbet99.

Microsoft used to release updated versions of their productivity software every three years, but has switched to subscription-based Office 365 service, which includes their productivity software including Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word version 2021 is one of these products. The new version reintroduces popular messaging application MS Teams and provides support for more languages slotpgauto.

The WYSIWYG display of MS Word is particularly useful for creating books and thesis. It ensures that the content on your screen remains consistent as you copy and paste it into other platforms. This prevents any formatting loss that may occur. It also offers advanced functions like spell check, Thesaurus, and word count lottorich28.

MSWORD has several font options, and you can choose the style, size, and type before you start working. These options are located in the second white block beneath your titles. If you do not see them, click the arrows or numbers to change them. You can also try using different font sizes for different styles. Usually, font sizes of 11 or 12 are the best choices for normal typing bskwb.

In addition to the font size, you can also change the font, bold, italicize, underline, and highlight text. There are also options for document spacing and line spacing. All of these options can help you create a better-looking document. Make sure you play around with them to see which ones will be most useful for your needs.

Another feature in the latest version of Word is the ability to delete the password from Word documents. This feature can be helpful if you have lost your passwords and are unable to open your documents. If this is the case, you may need to export the document to a different format. If you don’t have the password for the password-protected file, then you can remove it using the instructions that come with the program.


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