Everything, even a worldwide pandemic of love, can be stopped. It hasn’t put a halt to the engagement season, however! Even though the current wedding ring trends continue to be displayed, couples grow more inventive in ring selection. The occasion calls for stunning and valuable items.” Even if wedding rites change or are put on hold, a desire to embrace love and unity is still strong.

So, what’s new in this year’s collection of rings? We’re looking closely at the hottest designs in engagement rings for 2022. Even if you’ve already picked out your dream ring (dropping clues counts), you’ll want to know the latest trends in wedding rings before you visit your favourite jeweller or meet with a designer online to discuss the perfect sparkle. Even though traditional weddings may be changing or even being put on hold, the desire to commemorate the union of two people remains strong.

From the current trends in engagement rings to how the epidemic has affected the way people shop for rings, we gathered some of our favourite jewellery designers to discuss anything from wedding rings, what you need to know about 2022 wedding ring trends.

Jewellery With a Personal Touch: With so much uncertainty, couples regain charge of the few elements they can when it comes to marriage. One of those is emphasizing personal touches whenever it pertains to wedding rings. Our clients are returning to us with far more personal, intelligent, and insightful suggestions and ideas because they have the space or time to discover what they want.

When it comes to alternative wedding rings, a tremendous spike in clients demanding distinctive cuts or unique custom made settings are seen. Clients are ready to honour their love by customising the ring to their specifications. “Rings with secret specific messages about love you and your lover are aware of.

People always look for new ways to do the same tasks. All the rings have been flashed on social media. The conventional wedding band is being reimagined as a way for couples to express their love and meaning in new ways.

Rings in the Form of a Band: Band shaped engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular among couples looking for a multipurpose ring. There is an uptick in brides choosing a band-style ring instead of a single stone ring. 

This is a growing trend as well. We’ve seen a spike in rings that can function as an engagement band and a wedding band since many weddings have been postponed recently.

In several European nations, wedding bands/eternity bands are traditionally given as engagement/wedding band rings. As a result of the existing pandemic safety precautions, this trend has been maintained. As a result, “it’s also simple to wash and can withstand the continuous washing and hand sanitising we do these days.”

A Refreshing Take on Timeless Designs: Traditional wedding ring designs are making a comeback thanks to the convenience of online buying. Because fewer customers are visiting our store to check on different ones, we’ve seen a rise in the number of people opting for more traditional styles like a solitary or three-stone ring.

The office’s favourite stylist also sees the return of classics. Classic shapes like round, oval, and cushion, set in exquisite platinum settings, are becoming increasingly popular as we enter the new year. Ladies are also seen adopting “stylish” bridal designs with traditional elements.

 Even in the adversity phase, we believe there is value in adhering to a standard approach.

Old European Cuts With A Nod to the Past: Inspired by Family Recipes: If you’re looking for an ideal wedding ring, you may want to think about your family history when making your decision. Couples miss their loved ones, and as they start their own families, they’re thinking about the generations still to come in a year when families were generally kept apart. To create new traditions and legacies, heirloom-inspired designs for wedding rings are expected to take centre stage in the wedding ring market in 2022.

The weight of a wedding ring’s symbolism and obligation may be greater than ever before. The style will endure. My favourite old European cuts have a unique faceting pattern that makes them one-of-a-kind and ageless!

With so many weddings being scaled back or delayed due to the epidemic, the weight of responsibility and the significance of an engagement ring may be greater than ever before. Shopping online is more convenient and faster than going to a physical store.

Zoom meetings aren’t the only example of a virtual world we live in. This year, jewellery designers became virtual, taking an industry that touches something and turning it into a virtual experience. Many designers found a new set of customers due to the survey’s findings. “Couples are behaving more spontaneously and trying to speed up the proposal and engagement process, which is something we’ve noticed. Given the uncertainties, it’s reassuring to control the situation and keep things simple.

Consumers are more inclined to buy from smaller independent businesses to know the creator behind a brand following the pandemic or other events in 2020.

Gottlieb was well-prepared for the transition because of her extensive social media presence. “In the past several years, our bridal company has been entirely online because our customers come from all over the world and Australia via Instagram. Because of this, we were fortunate enough to be prepared for our “remote” shopping excursion. Videography has proved to be the most effective way for us to convey to our customers exactly what they’re getting into.”


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