Webull is a brokerage firm based in Shanghai, China. It is registered in the United States and is regulated. Despite its name, the company is not Chinese. The holding company of Webull is, however, based in China. This makes it worth considering for ETFs and stock purchases. I’ve been a user of Webull for over two years and have had nothing but good experiences. Listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE, Webull is a reputable company.

Customer Service Webull

Customer service at Webull is decent. The company has a live help center that operates during weekdays and weekends. There is also feedback chat within its trading platform. However, live chats are often inactive, and we had to wait for about six minutes for an agent to respond to our query. In contrast, e-mails or phone calls can take a few days to get a response from Webull.

Webull Website

The Webull website is easy to navigate and provides quality educational content. The app allows you to perform multiple trades on the same asset and even take short positions (selling stock that you don’t own). The website also provides free stock. Webull does not publish its financials, but it does have a demo account. I was able to open an account within a day. To create an online account, you simply need to enter your personal information and then click on the login screen.

Extensive Help Center For Investors

Webull also offers an extensive help center for investors. Their staff is available seven days a week to answer questions or help with account problems. We also tested the ACH withdrawal and it took about two business days. I’d recommend using a wire transfer instead of ACH. As for fees, Webull offers reasonable commissions for options and margin trading. So, if you want to try out the app, make sure it offers a demo account.

Webull Also Offers A Mobile Application

Aside from its app, Webull also offers a mobile application for making and receiving trades. I used the mobile application to open an account. It was verified within a day. We could even deposit and withdraw funds from Webull via ACH. The platform is entirely digital. You can deposit or withdraw money through ACH or wire transfer. Nevertheless, the app offers a free stock. I tried out Webull to see if it could meet my expectations. I’ve never been more satisfied with the platform, but I’m curious.


To get started with Webull, you can sign up with your bank or credit card. The mobile application has an easy to use interface, and the app lets you add funds with your fingerprints. The application also includes a community forum to help you find the best stocks for your portfolio. Once you’ve created an account, you can start transferring money to other accounts. You’ll need to have a valid identity to withdraw funds.


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