If your company is struggling to find quality candidates, it may be time to re-evaluate your recruitment process. Keep reading to learn how to make recruitment easier for your company.

Use recruiting software.

If you run a successful tech company like Verkada, you will likely have an abundance of applicants (tech is a popular field!). To gain access to those applicants, it’s a great idea to use recruiting software. Recruiting software is a type of software that helps companies to manage the recruitment process. It enables organizations to post jobs, review applications, and track the progress of candidates through to hire. Recruiting software can help to automate many of the tasks involved in recruiting, making it easier and faster for companies to find the best candidate for the job.

Some of the features that are commonly found in recruiting software include:

– The ability to post jobs quickly and easily online
– A database of applicant resumes that can be searched and filtered
– The ability to send out automated email notifications to candidates who meet certain criteria
– Tools for assessing candidates’ skills and qualifications
– Trackers for monitoring how long each stage of the recruitment process takes
– A system for recording feedback about potential employees after interviews have been conducted

Some factors you may want to consider include: how many employees you have, how much time you want to spend managing the recruitment process, and what kind of features you need.

Gather information about the ideal candidate for each position.

The first step in making recruitment easier for your company is to gather information about the ideal candidate for each position. This includes looking at the skills and experience required for the role, as well as identifying any personality traits or other qualities that are essential. By creating a profile of the perfect candidate, you can then begin to look for people who match this description.

Another important part of recruitment is screening potential candidates. This can be done by reviewing their resumes and cover letters, conducting interviews, and checking references. It’s also important to have a system in place for assessing whether or not a candidate is a good fit for your company culture.

Once you’ve found a few strong candidates, it’s important to provide them with enough information about the job and your company so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to apply. You should also be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Finally, be sure to follow up with all applicants, regardless of whether or not they were hired.

Screen resumes and applications carefully to find the best candidates.


You can use keywords and filters to narrow down the pool of applicants, and you can also ask questions that will help you weed out unqualified candidates. Google Sheets is a great tool for creating spreadsheets with all sorts of data about potential candidates. This can include information such as contact info, resume stats, social media links, and more. Having all this information in one place can make screening candidates much easier.

Another way to make recruitment easier is by using social media sites. These tools allow you to reach a wider audience of potential candidates, and they also make it easy to compare candidates and find the best fit for your company. Finally, you can also reduce bureaucracy in the recruitment process by making it simpler and faster. This will make it easier for potential employees to apply for jobs at your company, and it will also speed up the process so that you can hire qualified employees more quickly.

Evaluate what your company needs in order to make recruitment easier.

The major thing is that you evaluate what your company needs in order to make recruitment easier. This may include hiring a recruiter, using an online recruiting system, or creating a job description template. The next step is to create a process for recruiting candidates. This may include reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references. The final step is to promote the open position internally and externally.

Overall, recruitment can be difficult for companies, but there are ways to make it easier!


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