Renting your home to vacationers is an effective way to earn extra income. If you reside in a prime vacation area, the odds that you’ll attract interested vacationers are even more significant. For these reasons, many people with homes on TopSail are looking to rent their vacation homes.

Advertising your property is one thing, but getting it noticed is something entirely different. While making extra cash renting out your vacation property is possible, it’s not without your research. Finding the best ways to carry out your marketing plan will be key in orchestrating your earning potential.

By placing your listing ahead of competition, you can make extra money. From researching the current market to the factors influencing price changes, there‚Äôs a lot to consider. Here’s how to make extra cash renting your home out in TopSail and how Lewis Realty can help.

List Your Expenses

The amount of money you can make from your vacation rental should influence the amount you choose to charge per day. To ensure that you make extra cash, consider the expenses involved. By listing what you cover in maintenance, you learn how much to charge.

Your major expenses include utilities, property taxes, and your mortgage. Minor expenses include cleaning fees and repairs. When you add up the costs for management, you have merit to charge more.

Use Supply And Demand

Areas with vacation rentals experience high and low seasons. Research the seasons in TopSail so you can determine when events take place, and from there, adjust your rates per the estimated number of vacationers that will be there. You can utilize supply and demand to justify pricing. If you’re unsure how to apply these principles, contact Lewis Realty to get help.

Market With Strategy: Contact Lewis Realty

Marketing your vacation rental can influence how much extra money you can make renting your vacation home. The goal is to place your property ahead of the competition. Research current market patterns to create an effective plan. Lewis Realty can help determine the best advertising times for your home.

Invest In Photography

Spend money to make money with your vacation rental photos. Hiring seasoned photographers to take photos of your vacation home is a surefire way to attract vacationers. Digital images are more compelling than listing tricks. Lewis Realty knows that people are more likely to visualize, and from there, are more inclined to reach out.

Don’t Forget Feedback

As you acquire property reviews, listen to the feedback, and use it to improve your property. You can make improvements that will attract new renters, giving you money-making potential. Stay kind in your responses to feedback. Lewis Realty understands that maintaining a positive rapport can boost your chances of attracting vacationers.

Maximize Your Rental Earnings

Make extra cash by placing your TopSail vacation home up for rent. Consider the above tips so you can maximize your earnings. For more earning potential, reach out to Lewis Realty and see how they can help you make more on your vacation home.


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