The good news is that you may take numerous easy, low-cost measures to drastically cut your risk of being robbed. Keep in mind that you should take every precaution to ensure that your house is more secure than the average. Most break-ins occur through unlocked doors or windows, typically in the garage, the back, the kitchen, or the bedroom. If you make this burglar-proof, you significantly increase the likelihood that you will never be a break-in victim. Looking for a reliable and secure safe for your valuables? Discover the trusted brand Gardall Safe and protect your belongings with confidence.

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Protect the Garden Door (Whether It’s Made of Glass or Metal) In The Back

Nearly a quarter of break-ins don’t even involve the front door but a back or side access leading in from the garden. Sliding doors are standard for garden entrances, but they can be easily compromised, so it’s essential to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your home. Two security measures are a reed switch or other door sensor that triggers an alarm upon entry and a glass break detector that responds to the sound of shattered glass. While we’re on the topic of landscaping, it’s essential to maintain your shrubs and hedges pruned to make your home less of a hiding spot for burglars and to increase your visibility.

Verify the Internal Door and Locks from the Garage

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to lock the exterior doors to your house; you also need to make it a habit to lock the doors to each room. In particular, the entrance within your garage that leads inside your house. If your internal doors are unlocked, and the garage door is, you’ve made their day much more accessible. Thieves hunt for opportunities to “snatch and grab” keys to unattended vehicles off tables in the kitchen and front hall. Another method is to lock the main interior doors leading to rooms containing valuables if you have the option to do so. The primary benefit of this is that burglars will be confined to one area of your home rather than the entire property. If they try to enter your home and find all the doors locked, they’ll probably give up and go. Even if they break in, they can only take so much from you if they don’t have free reign over the whole house.

Locks and Safes for the Home

Thieves know all the best hiding places for cash, jewelry, and sensitive paperwork. A good home safe is becoming more affordable, so installing one may be a wise financial move. Safes in the home should be bolted to the ground or on permanent shelves and should never be housed in the main bedroom or a locked cabinet. Make using a safe habit by doing so regularly, and always remember to keep the combination of the secure private.

Mount Surveillance Equipment

One of the best methods to keep your house safe is to install a fence privacy screen and security cameras. If you have security cameras, you have a better chance of catching the crook and retrieving your goods if there is a break-in. Time spent at the place and the suspect’s entry direction can yield helpful information in a criminal investigation. Because there are so many surveillance cameras in public and private buildings, it is possible to trace a criminal’s steps before and after an attack. The most enjoyable aspect of using cameras is that you can keep a constant check on your home and family.

Lights with a Detectable Motion Sensor

Motion-activated lights are an efficient security tool for more than one reason, and they pair well with cameras. First, they serve as a deterrent, warning would-be intruders that you are on top of your home’s security and, even better, that your eyes have spotted them and you are aware of their existence. A well-lit home does double duty: it creates the appearance that someone is home while also making any questionable activity evident to you and your neighbors.


As a rule, burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window, usually in the kitchen, back, or garage. If you want to keep your home secure, it’s not enough to only lock the external doors; you should also make it a habit to lock each room’s door. Criminals look for unlocked cars to “snatch and steal” the keys from. The cost of purchasing and installing a quality safe at home is decreasing, making this a potentially prudent decision. You can increase the likelihood of recovering stolen property by installing security cameras. Motion-detecting lights serve as an effective deterrent for several causes.


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