Today, increasing organic traffic and improving inbound marketing is all about SEO, or search engine optimization.  When done correctly, your website will rank higher in search results when your target audience searches for keywords related to your services.

Many brands do not know where to start to improve their website rankings, so they hire Professional consultants and SEO services. Deciding to hire a consultant can be difficult. If your brand is struggling to make a name for itself, you may not have the extra cash in your budget. But, hiring the right advisor can change that. An SEO professional will not only help you increase your traffic and conversion rate, but will also free up your time to focus on important things like running your business.

1. Know the warning signs.

Knowing the symptoms of bad SEO consulting is incredibly important when you are trying to choose the right service for your brand. There are strategies that some services will use to try and convince you that they know what they are doing and that they deserve the best, but these can be empty promises.

There is a big red flag that we call black hat SEO strategy. Black hat SEO simply involves buying links to other sites, filling in keywords, or writing bad, irrelevant content just to improve page rank. These tactics can result in fines from Google, and if you knew the consultant was doing it, you would have to pay the price – not the consultant.

2. Get referrals from your peers.

One way to protect yourself from contracting a bad SEO consultant is to read reviews from real people and your peers. “The best Professional consultants SEO services” may not be the best way to find the right advisor for you.  Definitely, they have demonstrated their ability to get high rank on this SERP (search engine results page) and it shows their skills. However, it does not tell you if they give the same care and attention to their customers.

3. Keep specific goals (and KPIs) in mind

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the metrics you will use to determine if a consultant is really helping to improve your inbound marketing strategy. You will need to check in regularly with a consultant to make sure these KPIs are improving.

When deciding between professional SEO services, keep in mind the specific goals you hope to achieve.

4. Ask for samples.

Asking an SEO consultant to provide you with concrete examples of their work is a great way to determine if they are right for you. Ask them if they’ve worked for brands like yours and ask them about the results they’ve achieved. Now is the time to get bored.

Also, take some time to check out their website. Do they write good content? Is their site easy to navigate? These are good indicators of their abilities.

5. Find quality communication.

Good communication is essential when choosing the right SEO consultant. It takes months and years to develop a good SEO strategy. When you enter into such a long-term commitment, you need to know that they will communicate effectively with you.

Determine how often you will communicate and how you will communicate if you hire them. They should be easy to reach even when you are in the process of thinking.

6. Ask questions.

You can never ask too many questions when deciding on an SEO consulting service. Before hiring, make sure they can meet your needs and you have a clear understanding of how they will do it.


SEO is a fast-paced, high-stakes game that forces brands to compete in the digital age. Although many people are tempted to deal with it themselves, there are many reasons why reaching out to an inbound marketing agency and getting their help can be meaningful to you.


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