The Huawei MatePad t10s is one of the first Chinese biases to hit the European request with its Harmony OS operating system. This is in response to the US government’s ban on Huawei, which listed the Chinese smartphone maker as a reality in 2019. It bans US companies from doing business with Huawei without authorization. As a result, all new Huawei bias has to do without Google services. That means no Google Play Store, Charts, Gmail or YouTube. Since also, Huawei has decreasingly reckoned on its business for apps, Huawei App gallery. After Harmony OS it now has its own operating system- indeed if it’s substantially grounded on Android. Now to buy matepad t10s then visit here and find out the best quality along cheap and discounted prices and rates.

The Huawei MatePad t10s is amid-range tablet that can be rated above the Huawei MatePad10.4 ( test report) but below the two MatePad Pro models. As similar, it’s the top model of Huawei tablets designed for consumers.


The Huawei MatePad t10s continues the design rudiments permanently and makes Huawei the language of other tablets. As with the Huawei MatePad10.4 ( test report), the corners are particularly round. It gives the tablet an organic and soft touch.

The distribution of the MetPad t10s is indefectible. As with some lower off- shoot matte pads10.4, a magnesium amalgamation is used. It ensures a great and high quality feel without putting too important weight. The dark argentine “matte gray” finish highlights the stylish look.


The screen measures roughly t10s elevation transversely and offers a WQXGA resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This leads to a veritably high pixel viscosity of 276 ppi for a tablet. This means that pixels can hardly be perceived by the mortal eye. For comparison the pixel viscosity of the iPad Air 4 is 265 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ( test report) also has 288 ppi.  Like Apple, Huawei uses an IPS TV for iPads. Samsung, on the other hand, relies on OLED technology for its top models. The 120 Hz refresh rate is particularly noteworthy. This makes the happy look particularly fluid on the screen. It’s presently only available for iPad Pro tablets.

Images quality with strong colors

The screen provides a good image with strong colors, high color space content and clear contrasts. Thanks to the IPS panel, the stability of the viewing angle is decent in all directions. At 86, the screen-to- body rate for a tablet is veritably good. This rate indicates how important display area is available depending on the size of the device. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 comes in at about 83, iPad Air 4 at 82.  Veritably happy Despite the US ban, Huawei has secured Widevine Level 1 instrument. This means that the Netflix app will play content in full HD on the MatePad t10s. We cover this content further in the Streaming Guide Best Shots for 100 Euros for Netflix and Company.

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