Advice on how to become a freelance writer: 5 steps

Wondering is freelance writing a good career? With no doubt whatsoever! However, this role is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Some may think freelance writing is a great way to break the impasse if a desk job has become a disabling burden. Others believe that the demand for freelance writing has an outreached supply, and today one can easily find a jillion freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Having acquired the desired position, you can easily see that the potential level of earnings can dramatically expand your financial horizons. Top income opportunities from home are a great chance to find a work-life balance.

Read on to find out how to become a content writer with no experience and what the starting point of your career looks like.

Build a Portfolio

Don’t worry if you have to build a career from scratch. Even the idea that you must set a solid content portfolio can sound intimidating. Don’t be down! Start building your portfolio piece by piece while learning about other aspects of remote work, including how to write an invoice for freelance work or where to find an invoice template freelance writers usually use.

Reach out to a few mid-level bloggers. As a rule, these guys don’t mind if someone chants the praises of their “one-of-a-kind” life stories. Don’t worry if your first article doesn’t get the response it deserves. You can expect that you will have to provide written services for free in the early days.

Once you have at least minimal experience and reasonable writing skills, use the time to share content with future employers. This time you can start setting rates for your work and creating invoices online as soon as you take the position.

Scour job ads

It is dollars to donuts that when you studied “what is a freelance writer,” you assumed you would have to deal with nothing more nor less than 10,000 words of content daily. In sober fact, most companies will offer you a part-time job. This will be enough to create content marketing materials or optimize content for SEO (search engine optimization).

However, before you wish to do great things and learn how to fill out an invoice freelance writers usually do, it’s a good idea to check out Social Media or hiring websites like LinkedIn and Contently.

Figure out how to get paid

Many beginners do not pay due attention to such an important issue as how to bill a client? Broadly speaking, this aspect definitely deserves your attention. Finding a client and completing a job is nothing but baby steps on the way to making money as a freelance writer. Next, you need to figure out “What does an invoice look like” or how to shape it properly.

The easiest way is to use a multi-task tool like “Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps.” The app is perfect for automating routine invoicing, enabling you to plunge into work processes.

Create your own blog

There is another excellent way to launch your career as a freelance writer. Start creating your blog. Later on down the line, it can become a great content source to share when looking for a job. Besides, this is a good opportunity to hone your writing skills in a real sense.

Start Pitching

Once you have your portfolio, cut the string and pitch your services to potential clients. Explore available applications on hiring sites and contact all potential employers. Let them know you are the right candidate and ready to complete a test task to show your level. Don’t worry if your expert knowledge doesn’t match the one in a job offer. Keep pitching, as perseverance always wins!


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