We all feel this strange burdening feeling of stress in our daily lives. In some cases, we can uplift ourselves. However, that doesn’t happen most of the time. Sometimes we face a burdensome feeling of stress that crushes us.

We are well aware that stress not only affects our mind it also puts out the body in a difficult spot. Your mental start will eventually start manifesting into physical disorders. Some of the most common symptoms that people feel during stressful conditions are;

  • Migraine
  • Tooth issues
  • Sleep disorders
  • Lack of interest
  • Binge eating or starvation

Other than these symptoms, a stressful person might get frequent mood swings. It’s hard to tell what this person can do in the next moment. Do you know when a person is stressed for longer periods, they start releasing various hormones. These stress hormones, such as cortisol, affect the immune system of the body. Due to the weakening of this system physical health of a person starts depreciating.

Interesting fact: Vitamin B12 deficiency can also be a cause of depression. If you are suffering from depression, we recommend going to a doctor to find out how much B12 per day should you take before you start taking vitamin B12.

Do you know that your stress can even become worse?. There are various scenarios in which your stress can become more troublesome. Some of these situations are;

  • Unhealthy food intake
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Irregular sleeping habits
  • Loneliness & no friends

While talking about mental health, we must keep one thing in mind everyone faces situations differently. One calming thing for person A might not work for person B. It’s best to find your triggers and make healthy changes to overcome them slowly.

Now you know what’s causing your stress. Let’s dive into how you can reduce your stress level.

1. Understand yourself

Notice all the situations, places and people causing stress. After finding the root cause, you can decide how to solve the issue. Give yourself some time and think thoroughly about it.

2. Time management

Life is busy, tiring and fast. However, no matter how fast the pace is, always try to give yourself some time. Make time for hobbies that truly excite you. Don’t put too much workload on yourself. Know your limits, strengths and weaknesses.

3. Meditation

Breathing techniques are one of the most effective, easy and perfect remedies for relieving stress. You might not see immediate results. However, the truth is that your stress will start eliminating over time.

4. Sleeping

We don’t suggest using sleeping pills without any prescription. Try to count lambs, listen to ASMR videos, or do anything relaxing that will put you to sleep. You can also try listening to a lullaby.

5. Eating

When your body consumes healthy, nutritious and delicious food, it will improve. One positive habit might look small, yet it requires too much courage to consistently follow it.

Final Thoughts

If things get tough, don’t forget to trust a loved one. Share your struggles with them and know that you are not alone in this journey. Sometimes we are unable to see the problem. However, a loved one might pinpoint the problem and even give the best solution for it.

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