Are you an avid World of Warcraft player interested in pushing yourself to the limit and taking on some of the fiercest challenges Azeroth has to offer? If so, then perhaps you’re looking into mastering one or more of the Heroic Dungeons that have been introduced with Battle for Azeroth. The rewards are tempting – exclusive mounts, ilvl 305 gear and new achievements that will look great on your profile! But before you can even start striving for these epic treasures, you must learn how to unlock these dungeons – read on for a complete guide about unlocking all Heroic Dungeons added in BFA.

What are heroic dungeons in BFA?

Heroic dungeons in Battle for Azeroth are a new type of difficulty introduced by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of World of Warcraft. These dungeons require a group of five players and pose a greater challenge than their normal counterparts through increased damage and unique enemies.

Heroic dungeons not only serve as an extra challenge for seasoned WoW players, but also offer exclusive rewards such as equipment pieces, dungeon achievements, titles and faction paragon rewards.

Furthermore, completing all eight heroic dungeons will grant access to a special piece of loot that awards Azerite power necessary to progress with Azerite Traits on Heart of Azeroth equipment. So whether you’re looking to prove yourself or snag some exclusive loot, check out heroic dungeons in Battle for Azeroth – they’ll be sure to keep you on your toes.

How do I unlock the Heroic dungeons in BFA?


Adventurers in Battle for Azeroth would do well to heed the age-old mantra of preparation. Getting geared up and leveled up is essential for success in any raid, dungeon, or PvP situation in the game. The higher your level, the better your chances at survival. If you want to take on heroic dungeons — known for their challenging difficulty — it’s recommended that your character reach Level 50 before attempting them.

Although you can enter some dungeons at lower levels with a few skilled teammates, many heroes have found themselves wiped out by even moderately difficult enemies without having achieved adequate levels. In Battle for Azeroth, greatness starts with prep work.


When journeying into the heroic dungeons in Battle of Azeroth, you may find yourself up against challenging bosses that require high-level gear to defeat. Before entering, it’s important to make sure you meet the item level requirement — otherwise, you could be in for a major letdown.

In order to take full advantage of all the rewards a heroic dungeon has to offer and have an enjoyable experience, make sure your gear is at least item level 310 (Warforged) or higher.

Doing so will not only ensure trickier bosses become easier to manage, but also grant more opportunities for getting much sought-after rewards from what the dungeon offers. Equip yourself well and dive head-first into all the heroic glory Battle of Azeroth has waiting for you.

Heart of Azeroth

Entering a heroic dungeon in Battle for Azeroth is no easy feat. It requires you to have completed a series of steps, most important of which is unlocking the Heart of Azeroth. This powerful artifact harnesses the power from the islands of Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and it’s the key to accessing heroic dungeons in Battle for Azeroth.

To gain access to this special item, you’ll need to complete plenty of quests, slay many creatures and find various hidden artifacts all throughout Azeroth, as well as progress through your character’s story mode.

Luckily, with plenty of help from your trusty allies in other zones and parts of the world, your mission will be an achievable one – and then you’ll be ready to take on all that Battle for Azeroth can throw at you.

How to unlock Heart of Azeroth?

The Heart of Azeroth is a crucial element for playing the Battle for Azeroth game. To obtain the Heart of Azeroth, you must complete the quest A Dying World. This quest only becomes available to characters that are level 50 or higher, and will only appear when you visit either your capital city Boralus or Dazar’alor.

Completing this quest allows you to unlock powerful new abilities and better equip your character on their journey throughout Battle for Azeroth. So if you want power and success in the game, make sure to complete this quest as soon as possible.

Fastest way to level up in WoW

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If you want to try your hand at some Heroic dungeon action in BFA, you’ll first need to complete the quest Unlocking the Heroics. This starts with picking up the quest To Honor All Fallen from Brother Sammuel in Eastern Plaguelands. He will then send you on a short chain of quests that will take you into several different classic dungeons. These must be completed on Heroic difficulty, and can be done as solo instances or by forming a group. Once these are all finished, you’ll receive the key to opening up Heroic versions of all Legion thestarsfact dungeons.


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