If you have been putting your homes renovation because you are not sure where to start, then worry not, we have brought to you some of the best home renovation ideas that will help you completely transform your home! From techniques to mixing interior design types, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and will make planning easy.


The first thing you should focus on when renovating your home is the windows. Natural daylight is extremely important, and your priority should be maximizing this light so that your home can feel brighter, fresher, and airier. Go for the floor to ceiling windows and skylights as they are the most effective when it comes to making the home feel good. If you have a garden, a window facing it would provide for good views and a more positive environment. Choosing linen or sheer curtains is also a great way to maximize the light, especially if you live in places that don’t get much sunlight.

Alternatively, you can go for French windows or build in balconies with French doors as they are not only good for the daylight but also give a lot of personality and character to the house, no matter the interior design aesthetic you have chosen.

Go for an open-plan layout in your rooms

Open plan layouts are a perfect way to maximise the moving space in your home. Apart from making boxy spaces look bigger and making full use of the floor space, this home renovation idea is perfect for creating a multi-functional space that is great for entertainment and work alike. These spaces are also perfect for those who seek to be creative in their homes and prefer designs that challenge their artistic abilities. Open-plan spaces are perfect to experiment and get creative because there are no boxy rooms that are separating the spaces and assigning them a function- rather, there is a huge space to which you can assign functions and decorate according to your ways. For options regarding patios and sunrooms, click here.

Open plan living also makes your home look brighter and fresh. Fewer walls mean fewer light blocks which allow the light from the light fixtures and natural light from the windows to spread evenly and properly. The open plan also allows you to break up awkward layouts like long and narrow rooms or hallways that serve no purpose or are difficult to make use of and awkward spaces that just reduce the room area and makes the space look claustrophobia. Wall-mounted television is another important feature of open plan living. You can get your television wall mounted by professionals from https://tvaerialinstaller.co.uk

Increase storage

A home renovation is a perfect chance to increase storage in your home. Built-in furniture is perfect for doing so! Try to maximise storage space by getting furniture that has built-in storage like sofas or ottomans. If you have rooms that are not exactly square or are in shapes that are not very popular in interior designing, built-in is perfect to make use of the space in a way that it retains its shape (and charm) while still being functional.

Another way to increase storage is by using the vertical space on the walls. Floating shelves are perfect for adding more room for books, décor or any other collection you would like to display. This adds character to the room and makes it seem more personal.

Use the original built

If you are lucky enough to live in a place that has a history or a house that was built a while back, a renovation is a perfect time to expose the old designs and fabrics of the place to revive it. By employing this home renovation idea and incorporating the original features with your new ones, you not only bring character into the space but also make for a very creative and unique form of designing. For example, if your home has beautiful brick walls, expose them to give your space a more rustic feel. They also form for the perfect focal point in your living room or bedroom- Just hang up some plants on it if you think it feels empty.

Go for a different colour scheme

A home renovation is a perfect time to experiment with a different colour scheme and let your artistic and creative instincts take over. While it is a good thing to use inspiration from interior designers, you can make your home unique and true to yourself by employing colour schemes and décor decisions that make you happy and comfortable. Wallpapers are another way to give the place a character. No decision is wrong when it comes to choosing colour schemes but as a starting point, you can employ the three colour technique where you choose one colour for the walls, one for the furniture and one for the bigger accents.


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