New Mexico chile is one of the cultivar groups of chile peppers. This variety originated in the US state of New Mexico and was first grown by Hispano and Pueblo communities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today, Hatch peppers are popular all over the world. Here are some facts about Hatch peppers. These are mild peppers that are best suited for a mild meal. Read on to learn more about Hatch peppers!

Great Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

This sweet, smoky pepper is a great source of vitamins and minerals. A medium-sized Hatch pepper has more vitamin C than six oranges. The high water content and capsaicin content of Hatch peppers make them a good source of other plant-based nutrients. These nutrients speed up metabolism and promote a healthier lifestyle. The mild flavor and easy preparation make Hatch peppers a popular choice for home cooks.

Become Brown And Blistered

As the Hatch pepper has a short harvest season, it is often roasted and frozen to be consumed throughout the year. They can also be grilled on a grill pan over medium-high heat until they become brown and blistered. Once roasted, you can store them in a ziplock bag and use them immediately. The mild flavor of Hatch peppers make them great for burgers, grilled cheese, and tacos.

Hatch Peppers Yourself

When selecting Hatch peppers for cooking, choose ones with medium-to-thick flesh. Avoid soft spots. These chiles are delicious and versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. When choosing your Peppers, remember to check the thickness of the flesh. A thick skin will be the best type to use for a sauce. If you do not have the time to roast Hatch peppers yourself, you can purchase them frozen.

Great Alternative To Chile

Fresh Hatch peppers can be purchased by the pound or kilogram and are available year-round. They are typically sold by weight, pound, or kilogram. You can purchase them in bulk from a trusted origin-producer. You can also buy them frozen and in jars or mason jars. This pepper is an excellent choice for salsas, dips, and other recipes. It is a great alternative to chile.

Whole Chile To Make A Spicy Dish

When choosing your Hatch peppers, look for smooth skin and thick flesh. You can buy these chiles at local markets or online. In addition, you can also buy them in cans, jars, and frozen. You can also make your own salsa and relish the taste of the peppers. These spicy chilies are great for cooking and for the health conscious. It is not necessary to use the whole chile to make a spicy dish.


The Hatch chile pepper delivers the perfect balance of sweetness and heat. It is a type of long green chile similar to the Anaheim pepper and the California pepper, but delivers a higher degree of heat. Regardless of how it is cooked, it is sure to delight the palate and keep your family and friends coming back for more. The heat of these tasty chilies is a sign of freshness, so try them whenever you can!


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