Most people if not all have at some point in their lives eaten minced meat. The following article gives insight into the equipment used to shred meat into those tiny pieces. It is also going to explain the factors that one should consider when buying a meat mincer and at what price right here in Kenya.

Definition of Meat Mincer

A meat mincer is a tool used to cut meat into fine pieces and mincing can be done when the meat is raw or cooked. It is quite a round tool since it can be used in factories, butcheries, and also at home.

Quality of the Machine

The first thing a person should take into consideration while choosing between purchasing the best equipment is the quality of that equipment. One should always aim for the highest quality to avoid machines that will wear out quickly.

The durability of the Equipment

This is an important factor to consider since a machine that serves for a long time is very economical. Any producer aims to minimize the input cost while maximizing the output cost which would not be the case if the equipment is replaced time and again over a short period. Durability heavily relies on the material used to make the machine stainless steel and aluminum alloy being the most recommended.

Amount of Meat to be Minced

Different use of the mincer calls for different types of machine to use. This is because one has to consider if the equipment is for commercial or domestic purposes. Equipment for commercial purposes needs to be bigger and more realistic for the job while a small one for domestic purposes would be ideal.

Affordability of the Equipment

The meat mincer price in Kenya is very stretched and aims at full flexibility and affordability. The value of your money is highly appreciated. That will be highly influenced by the type and size of machine you as an individual would want to purchase. One should settle for the machine that they can afford without leaving a hole in their pockets.

Machine’s Power Source

The meat mincers are found in two categories;the manual and the automatic. The scale at which the machine is used can also influence the type one should settle for. For instance, a manual machine would not be ideal for industrial use. Nonetheless, an automatic or electrical machine can be used both domestically and commercially.The upper hand of the manual machine is that it does not require electrical power to be used which makes it available at any time.


A machine that is limited to one use would not be very economical, especially for commercial purposes. One should go for equipment that is going to serve more than one purpose which again helps to reduce production costs by cutting off some expenses.

How it Works

You first cut your meat into smaller pieces. Then it’s recommended that you freeze the meat for a while to prevent it from sticking on the mincer. Then place the meat on the mincer plate and turn on the mincer. You can also add your preferred flavors during the mincing process.

Do we have Alternatives?

Not unless one is mincing the meat on a large scale a blender can be used. However, it’s not recommended to use the blender regularly and the mincing is not as perfect.


In conclusion, a meat mincing machine is a very vital equipment to have since minced meat is the new trend in preparing delicious food. Caution should be taken to avoid purchasing faulty machines. Check also bone cutter machine.


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