The various juicers on the market can overwhelm consumers, especially those who have no idea what to look for when buying them. However, the good thing is that they all serve the same purpose of juice extraction from produce, although they vary in features and speed.

The perfect juicer is a worthy investment if you are looking to benefit from all the health benefits of fruits and leafy greens or if you also want to lose weight. If you have been struggling to find the right juicer cold press in the market, below are some factors you should consider before buying a juicer.


A sufficient warrant is an important factor to consider when purchasing a juicer. It is important to keep in mind that the extended warranty of a quality product is longer, even though the price will be higher. Some cheap juicers offer a warranty of 1 year, whereas high-end juicers offer a warranty of up to 15 years. Cheap is expensive.


The last thing you want is a juicer that wakes everyone up because you are making a glass of juice. The noise will not be an issue if your kitchen is isolated. Centrifugal juicers make more noise compared to masticating juicers. It is possible to converse with someone while using a masticating juicer. To find out more about the sound levels of the juicer, consider checking online reviews.


Juicers help you keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, using them should be less complicated to operate. However, since a juicer can’t operate itself, there are various things you may have to learn, like how to lock the auger gear of your masticating juicer in place and the various ejection systems.

Easy to Clean

You may be required to separate parts of the juicer unless you are dealing with hand-operated juicers. It is essential to do that after each use. Some juicers have filer screens plus bins for pulp and juice ejection. If the juicer comes with a cleaning brush, that’s a plus since the brush will help you clean the tricky areas you cannot reach. The brush is less abrasive as it has been effectively designed for that purpose.

Various Filter Options

Juice extraction is so much easier when using a juicer with various filter options

  • A filter that filters vegetables and soft fruits like oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes
  • A different filter for hard ones like cucumber, carrots, and pears.

This will save you from consuming a lot of time

Speed Control

With this option, you can adjust the extraction of the juicer at optimal levels. Just remember to have reasonable expectations. You may get varying speed levels when using a masticating juicer, although the centrifugal juicer is faster.

Bottom Line

Juicing is becoming more popular each day, and people seem to enjoy making their juices at home. If you’ve already decided about buying a juicer, then consider whether health, ease of use, or cost is the determining priority, as it will play a big role in the type of juicer that will accommodate your needs.


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