Winter Session offers this heritage-inspired backpack to those who appreciate heritage designs. Boasting vegetable-tanned leather straps that become darker with use and an ageless canvas body, it helps keep all your gear organized with interior and exterior pockets for easy organization.

Even though waxed canvas cannot be machine washed, it’s easy to keep clean with an absorbent cloth and cold water as necessary. Scuffs and marks won’t show up too badly due to its protective wax coating.

Water Resistant

Waxed canvas fabric resists moisture exceptionally well, even when worn in rainy conditions. Its durability and weatherproof properties have historically made it popular choice in outdoor, country living, motorcycle gear. Over time it will develop its own patina unique to each wearer just like leather does.

Waterproof wax treatments for backpacks are simple to apply: simply rub in the waterproof coating using a clean cloth and wait 24 hours. A low setting hairdryer can also help penetrate material more efficiently for an even thicker coating; just remember to reapply as necessary in order to maintain waterproof qualities of your bag. You can also try out canvas messenger bags.

Winter Session’s Roll-Top Backpack is designed for everyday carry, featuring sturdy 20-ounce waxed canvas material and featuring sturdy features like its double YKK zip closure and vegetable-tanned straps that darken naturally over time – the ideal pack to carry everything you need on an active life adventure.


Even in this day and age of cutting-edge materials, it’s encouraging to see some manufacturers still recognize the value of traditional constructions like waxed canvas – an inexpensive yet rugged waterproof material which provides protection for gear in outdoor environments.

Waxed canvas is produced by coating cotton or linen fabric with hardened vegetable or mineral wax. This gives it an unusually waxy texture and mottled surface texture, which only gets better with use. Plus, its durable construction means that stains don’t form easily; any marks and scuffs accumulated over time become part of its character!

Waxed canvas fabric is both rugged and durable, as well as less flammable than synthetic backpack materials. Maintenance for waxed canvas backpacks is relatively straightforward: with just some care and regular application of spray wax or solid wax bars you can reproof them using this handy guide.


Waxed canvas’s rugged construction lends itself well to creating a variety of backpack styles. From sailing-inspired styles to bushcraft-ready rigs, you’ll find thoughtful details such as padded laptop sleeves that accommodate 15″ MacBooks as well as plenty of interior pockets that secure smaller items. Plus, this workhorse’s sturdy frame and thickly cushioned shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for comfortable!

If you’re searching for “coolest waxed canvas backpack,” the Latvia is your bag. Combining understated style and hard-wearing durability, its classic features such as roll-top closure expands the pack from 15L to 20L; an interior laptop sleeve; front and side pockets; as well as subtle variations in stitching and materials will give your bag its own individuality over time – like leather it will develop its own patina over time – make this handmade masterpiece an irresistibly cool investment!


Your backpack is an essential piece of equipment when heading out onto the trail, holding essentials like maps, bug spray, snugs, extra clothing and first aid supplies. You want it to be comfortable yet lightweight for maximum efficiency on any trek.

Waxed canvas fabric is a hardy, stylish and waterproof fabric originally developed to waterproof sails but remains popular today. Repelled dust and dirt easily with just damp cloth cleaning; oil stains require the help of absorbent substances such as corn starch soaked for two days in water before removal with detergent and paper toweling.


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