Since the dawn of the Hollywood action movie, iconic villains have played a key role in the genre. From the classic Bond villains to the more recent antagonists, these characters have provided the narrative tension and conflict that drive the stories forward thefrisky. The villains of the Bond franchise are some of the most iconic in film history. From Blofeld and Oddjob to Jaws and Scaramanga, each villain has contributed to the Bond legacy. They often had a memorable appearance, often dressed in a stylish suit and with a distinct weapon of choice trueclassics. They also usually had a nefarious plot they were trying to execute, often involving world domination or some other grandiose scheme. Another classic villain is Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Gruber was a sophisticated and ruthless criminal mastermind with a knack for manipulating people and outsmarting his opponents lobiastore. He was also a master of disguise, taking on multiple identities throughout the film. His charisma and intelligence made him a formidable antagonist, and his death at the hands of John McClane was a cathartic moment for the audience. More recently, Darth Vader has become an iconic villain in the Star Wars franchise. His intimidating presence and memorable lines have made him a fan favorite. His tragic backstory, which revealed he was once the heroic Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, made him a complex and sympathetic character marketbusiness. Archvillains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are also noteworthy. Loki, from Thor and The Avengers, was a god of mischief whose powers of manipulation and deception made him a formidable foe. Thanos, from Avengers: Infinity War, was a powerful intergalactic warlord who sought to destroy half of all life in the universe. His power and ambition made him a powerful and terrifying villain. Hollywood action movies have an abundance of iconic villains that have become etched into film history. From the classic Bond villains to the more recent supervillains, these characters have played a vital role in the stories they inhabit. They have provided the narrative tension and conflict that have made these films so memorable flipboard.


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