Hey pretty girls! Do you want to make your day appealing and delightful? Then use some enchanting fragrances with beauty products. Besides wearing good attire, you just need to take care of your hygiene to enhance your personality. Some ozone-friendly products maintain a beautiful and perfect look. You can hold a celebrity status by enjoying the smell of rose, and jasmine perfumes. You feel confident, and stress-free and have a sense of well-being by using some good quality mists and sprays. Fragrances come in different types according to your choice that is mists, body sprays, perfumes and attar. When it comes to Arabic scent they are fond of using old traditional strong fragrances

 Fragrances are associated with self-image, sometimes pulling you to an old era. You can select any essence that you like to spray from heavy to pleasant sweet odors. Some of the beautiful traditional and casual fragrances here will make your day.

1-Gardenia Rose EDP Fragrances

As the name Gardenia Rose EDT fragrances indicates this is composed of natural flowers having strong aromas and are slightly sweet. This flower blooms in spring and is a hybrid of lovely tea roses. Due to the concentration of oils, it has an extra strong scent and makes it long-lasting. You can enjoy it for up to 6 hours and use it for parties or casual occasions. the ingredients involved in composition are alcohol denat, isomethyl lonon, benzyl benzoate and geraniol. Maguet, pear and red fruits are the top notes. Peony, gardenia and rose are the middle notes. Sandalwood and musk are the base notes. It comes in a 100 ml transparent bottle that is having light peach color. You can mesmerise and enchant yourself, by spraying this fragrance when going to a party from Noon discount code KSA.

2-No 4711 Original EDC

Dressing yourself for a birthday party? Wearing a stylish outfit then spray a small amount of 4711 original EDC for good essence. This essence will evoke you and stress-free you, as you get to indulge in it. it comes in an 800 ml bottle is a very excellent amount and is long-lasting. You can take one bottle and is enough for one year. It has the base note of sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli. The middle note consists of jasmine, rose, melon, lily and cyclamen. The top notes are peach, bergamot, lemon, basil and orange oil. Neroli is added so that you can have a calming effect when you spray it. the purpose of rosemary is to strengthen your nervous system.

3-Clouds Fine Fragrance Mist

Cloud Fine fragrance is a light one that is designed for school, college and university-going girls with an artistic colourful bottle. It smells very uplifted like a cloud sweet airy and dash. This mist is super layer-able and acts as a fruity smell to the environment. this product can be used by the skin care patient as it is dermatologically tested and paraben-free. It comes in a 236 ml bottle which is almost 50%recycled plastic. 

4-Your Touch EDP 

You will be amazed by the essence of your touch EDP for Women in orange and transparent bottle packaging. The smell of chestnut and amber wood will add a fruity fragrance all over the room. You will feel extra fresh as the addition of the lavender oils relaxes your nerves giving positive vibes. This perfume has base notes of guaiac wood, cedar wood, amber wood, chestnut and vanilla. The 100 ml bottle has the middle notes of sage, watermelon, cinnamon, pineapple and lavender. The top note has the fragrance of mint, violet leaf, pink pepper and cardamom. So what are you waiting for? Dress up.

5-Gharaam EDP

Gharaam EDT is an Arabic traditional fragrance that has an old and enchanting odor. They are available at a wider price but they have powerful and long-lasting fragrances. They are made with fresh scent notes and are quite long-lasting for 24 hours. It is ecosystem friendly and dermatologically tested, and will not have stains on cloth. The top note is of jasmine and saffron which gives it a vibrating and captivating smell. The base note is composed of fir resin and cedar wood to create a woody and spicy scent. The middle note is of amber that works as a fragrance accord. This scent is portable and easy to carry in your bag as it is only 50 ml.

6- Sacrifice EDP

 Sacrifice EDT comes in a gorgeous smell with beautiful purple packaging and a rectangular 3D bottle. It will become a beautiful part of your personality and close you to its enhancing fragrance. It gives a long-lasting effect ensuring a pleasant scent to your body. This is dermatologically tested and cannot cause skin irritation or inflammation. It is free from paraben and artificial preservatives that damage your skin. the floral scent comes with a base note of musk and ambergris. The middle note comes in vanilla and orange fruity blossom. The top note is composed of jasmine and water notes. You can pump it in summer and winter for a chilling effect.  


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