The Group of Eight was jointly established in 1999 by the eight oldest and most famous universities in Australia. The members of Group of Eight are the eight best schools in Australia and all have their own very excellent subjects, and each school has different strengths.

1. Advantages of the University of Melbourne

The management, finance, accounting and other majors of the School of Economics and Business from the University of Melbourne remain the first in Australia all year round, and the insurance and actuarial sciences rank the top three in Australia. The School of Engineering is one of the best engineering schools in Australia, with outstanding research fields such as information technology and environmental water conservancy. The College of Education is the largest and most prestigious college of education in Australia. Victoria College of the Arts is also Australia’s top arts school, offering courses in music, dance, fine arts, drama film and television.

2. Advantages of the University of Sydney

The Business School is one of the highest-ranked business schools in Australia, is an AACSB and EQUIS accredited business school, and is a member of the CEMS Business School Alliance. The School of Engineering is one of the best engineering schools in Australia and has the second largest robotics research and development center in the world. The School of Architectural Design and Planning offers diverse courses including architectural design, heritage conservation, building services, facility management, lighting design, urban planning and more. The School of Art offers diverse courses in painting, media printing, sculpture, media art, digital film, media photography, pottery, film, etc. It is the most diverse university in Australia for design majors.

3. Advantages of the University of New South Wales

The Business School at UNSW Sydney is one of the largest business schools in the world. Its accounting, banking and finance, business law and taxation, actuarial analysis, and financial analysis are all top majors in Australia. Its School of Engineering is the largest engineering school in the state, offering top majors in computing, optoelectronics, solar energy, telecommunications, civil engineering, and surveying. The School of Environmental Architecture is the largest school of architecture in Australia. Architectural design, urban design, landscape architecture, etc. are all advantageous majors in Australia.

4. Advantages of Australian National University

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the centre for language studies in the Asia-Pacific region and houses the National Dictionary Centre. Asia Pacific College’s public policy and international relations major ranks top in Australia. The School of Business and Economics ranks first in Australia for statistics, second in economics, and tenth in the accounting sub-region.

5. Advantages of Monash University

The School of Business and Economics is the largest business school in Australia. Monash University is the only school in the Group of Eight with an IT department, and it ranks among the top 50 universities in the world for IT technology. The School of Nursing and Health has many contributions in many fields.

6. Advantages of the University of Queensland

The Department of Biology at the University of Queensland ranks among the top in Australia, and its biology majors reach the world’s leading level. The tourism and hotel management course offered by the School of Tourism and Hotel Management is one of the school’s famous courses.

7. Advantages of the University of Western Australia

The engineering department has a high employment rate, and international graduates in the majors such as civil engineering, mining engineering, and petroleum engineering are more likely to gain immigration points through work experience. Electrical engineering, computer science majors are also the dominant majors of the university.

8. Advantages of the University of Adelaide

The medical school is one of the most famous medical schools in Australia. Agricultural and Biological Sciences is the largest agricultural research center in the southern hemisphere and the most famous wine research and education center in Australia. Environmental science, civil and structural are ranked among the best in the world. Wine major is the ace major of the university.

Actually, as the top 8 universities in Australia, all the majors provided by Group of Eight are of high quality, so if you want to choose a course offered by these universities, you don’t need to worry about the course quality.


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