Certainly a very popular traditional card game in Vietnam, it was recently added to NEW88.COM game portal and attracts a large number of people to play online. In fact, playing block is not too difficult Instructions for playing online NEW88 and some good playing tips NEW88 Reveal below so you can understand immediately!

Basic rules of playing NEW88 block

Bai Chan is developed based on the classic To Tom card game, created into 2 different playing versions depending on the number of participants. In particular, the form of playing Chan 1 includes 4 players (also known as Chan Quy Tu), the most popular genre today. The form of playing Chan 2 usually includes 5 players (also known as Chan Quy Ngu).

In the rules of playing card NEW88, there will be 100 cards used, including the cards Nhat Sach, Nhat Van, Nhat Van, Thang and Lao. Players will distinguish the cards through the pictures and letters printed on each card, including two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and chi printed in the right hand corner of the card. The left-hand corner will print swastikas, literature, books…

The rules of the NEW88 block game are “encapsulated” in the familiar word-of-mouth saying: thousands of squares, diagonal writing, messy books. Players new to this sport need to practice regularly to get familiar with the cards.

Number of participants in a card game

As analyzed above, NEW88 card has a fluctuating number of players of 4 or 5. When dealing cards, a total of 100 cards will be equally distributed to each person, with 19 cards for each person. The remaining part will be placed face down and placed in the center of the game, also known as the “Sting” card.

Rules for dealing NEW88 cards

When playing NEW88 block, the cards will be slowly divided into 4 – 5 parts, the cards will be face down, leaving about 5 – 10 cards left to pull. When playing, you will draw odd cards and combine them with the dealt cards to form Noc. The card combination can be arbitrary or from the winner of the previous game.

Next, the players participating in the game will proceed to draw cards to determine who will get the first card and who will get which card. In a game, there will be specific positions from left to right, for example, there are 4 players A B C D, person number 2 draws seven thousand cards, counting the numbers from B is 1 to D is 7, this person will take the card to choose the position. D. The remaining cards will be distributed evenly to the remaining players, the right hand will be dealt to A, then to B and finally to C.

When arranging shield cards, players will calculate to create combinations such as shield, card, hexagram, three heads… In which, 2 cards of the same type are shields, 3 cards are the same letter, different suits are 3 heads, 2 cards are the same letter. The quality is different. Finally, the odd leaves that are not arranged are called odd leaves.

Some important principles when playing block cards

In the instructions for playing NEW88 online, participants will start playing cards with the following specific principles:

  • Lead door: considered from left to right, considered the door people have priority to eat first.
  • Pick the pile: players will pull 1 card from the pile, turn the card over at the lead door.
  • Eat: the player combines 2 cards to create a shield or a trick.
  • Chi: the player chooses the card under the mat if there are 3 identical cards, previously there was a similar card under the mat.
  • Uh: all of your cards, including the cards captured by combining cards drawn from Venom, can create 10 cards or blocks, of which at least 6 cards must be enough.

Penalty errors and penalty errors when playing block NEW88

Some penalty errors when playing block at game portal NEW88:

  • The mistake of playing with a picture is to play with cards when the cards can be blocked.
  • The player wins normally while the card wins evenly.
  • The player takes 1 card from the row with available cards to proceed with taking the next card.
  • The mistake of playing a trick thanks to a waiting card is to draw a card that is waiting to be called to proceed with the trick.
  • The mistake of taking a chance with a shield is to draw a piece that is probably already available to take a chance.In addition, when playing NEW88, there are some mistakes that you should pay attention to so as not to commit them:
  • The player takes the block when he previously missed it.
  • I took the first bet, but then I bet again.
  • Continue to cheat when you have previously cheated.
  • Play another card in the same row when you have previously won 1 card.
  • Take the exact piece that was used to fight before.

Simple instructions for playing online NEW88, winning big

Instructions for playing online NEW88 are actually quite simple, the game interface is designed to be friendly for players to operate, creating a feeling no different from playing for real. Below are the specific steps when playing online:

  • Step 1: Register/Log in to your NEW88.vc account in the right corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Go to Card Games → Select the NEW88 card room, choose a table and place a bet.
  • Step 3: Play and if you win, the money will be transferred to your personal wallet.

Some good tips to play NEW88 to ensure victory

Playing cards is not the same as playing Western cards with 52 cards, requiring you to remember the cards and arrange the cards correctly. Below are some good tips for you:

  • If you start playing, you should choose small bets to learn gradually.
  • Watch players continuously win games to learn and improve experience.
  • Before playing any card, you must consider all the remaining cards, avoiding the case of skipping cards or shields and incurring a penalty.

The above is Instructions for playing online NEW88 Latest today, you can refer to participate in this interesting subject. Don’t forget to follow NEW88 game portal to update the most interesting online select and card games today, ensuring you will be extremely satisfied.


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