Being a parent is a tough full-time task that requires constant vigilance. Not only is your young one in need of your attention all the time, but it also needs you to make decisions on their behalf. Though you need to be on constant alert all year round, there is one day of the year that will need prior planning and execution of tasks as a parent. The event that especially calls for your attention is your child’s birthday.

As parents, you always want the best for your little one. As birthdays are already special, to begin with, the stakes of celebrating lavishly are already quite high. So what can you do to make this day more memorable for your little one? You plan an extravagant menu for the party.

Planning your kid’s birthday party menu

Before deciding on the menu, think of the basics:

Who are the party guests?

If your party guest list contains only your child’s friends and buddies, then the menu should be designed as such that it attracts kids. Do not put food items that are most suited for adults, like crabs and caviar. Children could care less!

How many children will be there?

The more children you have at your party, the fewer food options you should decide on having. Some children can be picky eaters and will create more of a mess. Some of them may even take food items on their plates just to waste them.

Should you prepare for dietary restrictions? And if so, which ones should you keep in mind?

Many of your guests might be allergic to certain foods and food groups. Children also may have multiple dietary restrictions and preferences.

First, decide whether you would like to have the food catered or whether you would be cooking it yourself. Take into account the number of people coming, and then if you see that lots of kids are coming, maybe you would want to consider having the food professionally catered to take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Plan the menu well in advance so that you do not get bogged down with last-minute details. Write out the dishes you would like to serve, decide on the menu, plan the shopping list and do everything well in advance. For a typical kid’s party, disposable plastic plates are definitely best because they are easy to clean up and keep costs down. You should take into account the age of your guests. Younger kids require different food than older guests. For young kids, you can serve finger foods like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, sausages, etc. Older kids can be fed pizza, sandwiches, pasta, etc. always take into account your child’s preferences as he will be able to offer valuable suggestions and inputs. It is also a good idea to ask the parents of the guests about any possible vegetarians or any allergies.

The timing of the party should be taken into account. For instance, if your child’s birthday party is at 12 noon, you will be expected to serve lunch. So plan appropriately. If possible, you can plan the menu around the theme of the party. For instance, if the theme is Pirates, then the pizza can be called “Davy Jones Special Pizza”, and the dip can be called “Pirate Grog”. Try to name the food innovatively; this will definitely make an impact on the party. Snacks like crackers and cheese, chips, etc. must be included in the menu, no matter how extensive the menu is.

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